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Yellowstone Mafia - Town wins!


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Welcome to the Dutton Ranch, there are some no gooders around.  Get ready to defend the land!


Sign ups

1. Scoundrel  Colby - Ranch Hand - Yellowstone aligned 

2. Nacho Lloyd Pierce - Senior Ranch Hand - Yellowstone aligned 

3. Orca  Monica Dutton - the wife - Yellowstone aligned 

4. Pickle 

5. TL 

6. Swoosh   John Dutton-The Patriarch- Yellowstone Aligned

7. Tk3   Jamie Dutton - the selfish one. Jamie Dutton aligned 

8 Josh   Dan Jenkins - California Cronie - Takeover Aligned 

9. Dome 

10. Matts   Jake  Wrangler  Yellowstone Aligned

11. Bucsfan  Jimmy - Ranch Hand - Yellowstone aligned 

12 hokiehigh Steve Herndon - Livestock Agent - Yellowstone aligned 

13 Raves 

14. Et   Roarke -  the businessman - Takeover Aligned 

15. Jason   Beth Dutton- Pain the *** sister-  Yellowstone Aligned

16. Squire Avery - Former Stripper Hand - Yellowstone aligned 

Day zero - let the fun begin

Day one The ranch has a good day 

Night one - Bucs get taken out

Day two-  Matts gets wrangled out of the game

Night two-  Jason gets black out dr...errr dead

Day three-  Pardon me?  Pickle is still alive!

Night 3-  Swoosh faces father time

Day 4: Squire gets stripped of his ability to to continue playing

Night 4 Raves survives 

Day five - Hokie gets a a live Stock down arrow from the group 

Night five - Nacho is long gone senior

Rules Read These


You may character claim at any time. However you may not role claim until day 3. Exceptions shall be made starting day two. If you are to receive an exception you will be notified prior to day 2 beginning. This is a new rule so I will allow possible slip ups. Flagrant breaking of this rule will result in a modkill

--Unless it says otherwise in your Role PM, you may NOT talk about the game outside of the Game Thread.

--Voting during the Day Phase will end once we get to a majority decision or the time limit is reached. Day one is 48 hours.  All other days is 24 

--In order to vote for someone to get eliminated during the day, you must bold their name. You can lock a vote if you want but you can also move them.  I don't do locked votes as mod 

--The night phase will last exactly 8 hours unless BCB receives every PM. That means if you have a Night Ability, you have 8 hours to send in your PMs unless otherwise noted. Should you not want to use your night ability, send a pm saying so.. Bcb is a terrible mod so he will not disrupt his sleeping to do a writeup at 3 AM. Deal with it. 

--If you miss a night PM, and are the last person to send in a pm the following night, you will lose your power for that night phase as we will end the phase there!

--No editing or deleting your posts with votes in it in the game thread. Double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, etc. posting is fine. 

--I reserve the right to mod kill and forcefully end a lynch. 

--NO DEAD POSTING! Once you're dead, you're out of the Game Thread. Simple. You will be allowed one good game, **** you guys, etc post. I also don’t mind idle chat during night phases or a joke post. However must you post when you're dead please keep it non game related 

--NO POSTING SCREENSHOTS.  You can copy paste anything you like from your PM. Note this may have perilous consequences, just not from me. 

--Do not post information regarding your PM from the Night prior to the Write-up being posted 

--If your PM says not to say something, don’t. There will be no second chances and you will be modkilled. 

---If there is conflicting ability uses on one another. The first pm's ability will win out, dont like it, send in your pm's faster

--Most importantly…HAVE FUN!


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