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2021 Wins Prediction


How Many Wins will the Green Bay Aaron Rodgers have in the 2021 Season?  

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  1. 1. How Many Wins will the Green Bay Aaron Rodgers have in the 2021 Season?

    • 17-0 Baby: Hell Yeah, suck it Gutey
    • 14-16: Maybe Cobb will miss a couple games so we'll drop those
    • 12-13: Manage to trip over TJ Langs hurt feelings and lose a couple more
    • 10-11: Our Non-Goode long snapper (whoever that is) loses us a few more
    • 8-9: Kumerow, now the starting WR for the Lions, single handedly gives us 2 more losses
    • 1-7: Gutey sucks, Barry sucks, La Fleur sucks, Murphy sucks, Equipment Manager sucks--fire 'em all

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14 minutes ago, incognito_man said:

Has anyone said first and last 20-0 team?

Then what do we do with Rodgers?¬†ūü§≠

We are going to win only because it'll create the craziest drama ever.

And if he wins, you keep him. It's simple. Sorry Jordan. Love you but bye bye or hope you can sign him after he gone

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Now that Rodgers is back in the fold, I think we go 12-5 with losses to SF, KC, Bal, and Cleveland. As for the fifth loss, I'm guessing it could be be against a Washington team that can shut our offense down and put up just enough offense of their own to win a 17-13 game the same could happen against Pittsburgh as well though the margin of victory would be much greater for obvious reasons. Of course, there's always potential for a let down against Minnesota or Chicago. I'm also not as scared of New Orleans as I was beginning the season, mainly because of Jameis being Jameis...

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