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Troy Polamalu - Hall of Famer


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I was initially going to put this in another thread, but felt like it deserved its own.

Growing up as a Steelers fan since the early 90s, Ive been blessed to watch many amazing players and experience alot of great moments watching this team. and while I didnt get to experience the 70s Steelers first hand, I was shown so many old games and highlights that I almost feel like I did.   I have so many memories of both players and team moments that it almost makes up for my suffering as a Pirates fan 😡.    Year after year, people would ask me "Who is your favorite player?", and almost every year, Id have a different answer.    One year it was Lynn Swann, then Rod Woodson, then Yancey Thigpen, then Jerome Bettis, then Hines Ward....

But since about 2005, my answer has remained consistently steadfast...."Who is your favorite player?"

"Easy....Number 43.    The Tazmanian Devil.   The Samoan Headhunter.  The Flyin Hawaiian.   The C Gap Killer.    The one...the only...the man...the myth....the legend....


The picture above is very possibly one of my happiest moments I can remember watching the game of football.    As a grown man, I cried watching this.   I can admit it.    I cried.   In one moment, it sent the Steelers to the Superbowl, was just an iconic moment for the Steelers in general, and encapsulated everything I love about Troy Polamalu as a player.  I mean, he had so many memorable plays as a Steeler its hard to keep track of, but this moment will always stand out for as long as I live, and despite my fleeting interest in the NFL over the last several years, this moment will always live strong in my heart.

Beyond Troy THE PLAYER, there is also Troy THE MAN, and somehow, he is even better.      He played the game at a historically elite level, but is about as humble of a player and human being as you will ever find.   Players with his type of fire, tenacity and talent arent typically modest about it.   This guy just had fun, and he never let his ego take over....not for one second.     And by all accounts, whether its players, coaches or fans who knew Troy on some level OFF the field, he was (and still is) an amazing HUMAN being.    He apparently used to have a house not too far from my uncle in an upscale (but largely upper middle class) area, and Ive heard stories about how kind he was and generous, despite being largely reclusive.    

I could go on for hours about what Troy means for me, but Id probably end up saying the same thing over and over.   Most of you got to witness his greatness.

I just felt like showing him some love.   After all.....without number 43, there would be no 43M.    😆 😉

I love you, Troy Polamalu.    You represent everything thats great about both football and the human spirit.

Congratulations to my favorite player, now, and probably forever.

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So many good players and great players for the black and gold.
Troy's up there for me - such a unique talent.

I grew up watching him but also R.Woodson when I was younger,
who was very special as well.

I love what M.Blount did to the game with his unique size and ability,
but I was very young when he was playing.

Troy was just so unique and special as a player. 
It was amazing to see him and D.Shell go into the HOF together.

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It bums me out that the only time Troy’s name seems to be brought up is when people want to do the Troy v Reed thing. I hate that argument anyway - you can’t go wrong with either. 

I don’t think there will ever be another player like Troy. No one matches the god given instinct and the insane athleticism to do what he did. The highlight real is just stupid. The clutch gene to be able to Make the big play in the big moment was wild. 

Loved Troy man, he was so fun. 

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I think it was last year or maybe the year before, but I decided to watch some of the SB vs the cards.  What stood out was Troy, I mean quite different than the rest out there and there were some top tier players out there. Really a once in a lifetime player. 

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Sure do miss watching Troy Polamalu play, football just isn't the same without him. Such an exciting player to watch and always had a knack for making the biggest plays when we needed them most. His instincts were out of this world, it's almost like he was in the offenses huddle sometimes. Wasn't the most important or his best but my favorite play of his was his diving fingertip INT vs the Chargers, #2 on that youtube video. Blew my mind at the time and its just stuck with me. 




On 8/8/2021 at 2:42 AM, 43M said:

After all.....without number 43, there would be no 43M.    😆 😉


You don't have to lie, we all know you have always pounded the table for us to make the switch to a 4-3 defense. Its nothing to do with Troy :ph34r: i keed, i keed.

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