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Preseason Wk 1 - Bengals @ Bucs


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Actually a couple of things I want to watch.  Flrst, public service announcement.  If you feel the urge to bet on this game, seek immediate HELP!!!

- I hope Trask gets some drives behind the 2nd OL as opposed to the dudes who definitely won t be in the league by Labor Day.

- Most yrs almost all the back up OL have looked overwhelmed.  This yr might look different

- Really want to see what K Davis can do on the dline with some reps.

- CB5 is up for grabs.  Who takes the early lead?


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anyone catch the Patriots game?  Mac Jones looks eerie similar to a young Tom Brady, the way he moves in the pocket, his throwing motion, his accuracy and even his mannerisms....time will tell if he has Tom's leadership and insane work ethic.

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2 hours ago, Gruber74 said:

Any word on the game being played at a different time because of the tropical storm? I read somewhere that it might be moved to the morning. But I haven't seen anything the last day or two. Seems they would have announced any change by now.

BA said that as of now, it's scheduled to be played on time.

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