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Preseason Wind Down - Post your Projected 53


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I am going to use this thread for all the preseason games. Game #3 comments begin on page #10.


We will kick off with some comments from Spagnuolo. Players to watch include Khalen Saunders, Juan Thornhill, bot coming off injury seasons, Mike Danna, Devon key. More generally, watch how well the defense is tackling.

Starters will play the first quarter.

What about the OL? Mahomes will play a quarter, but the OL will probably play more, possibly the whole half. Coordination and communication are the keys.

What about the 49ers?

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2 hours ago, chiefs82 said:

Bring back the hot girls 

I might consider that.

Here are somethings to watch in the game. The strategy for the running game is a big one. The new OL is much bigger and more physical. Starters will play a quarter, so we will get to see a lot of the depth at RB, TE, and WR. 



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Everyone has things that you should watch.

My list

  • OL working as a unit - After all, this is five guys that have never played together, three of them rookies
  • The other rookies - Nick Bolton, Cornell Powell, Noah Gray should all get plenty of snaps
  • Chris Jones - He won't play long, but he is reported to be slimmed down and dynamic
  • Newcomers on defense - Mike Hughes, Deandre Baker, Jarran Reed should make an impact
  • Second year players - CEH and L'Jarius Sneed may not play much, but Mike Danna and Willie Gay are reported to be much improved
  • LB activity - If Willie Gay gets it, this may be like a new unit. Don't forget Nick Bolton
  • Surprise players - Marcus Kemp, Jody Fortson, Devon Key, Khalen Saunders to mention a few
  • Fringe players - The second half will be players just trying to beat the first cut
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20 minutes ago, samsel23 said:

Saunders , Wharton, Tyler Clark gonna see a ton of snaps.    Kinda crazy we only have 5 DT’s,  plus Jones.  

Danna has seen snaps at DT in practice. There will be 10-11 DL. The definitions of position are less certain. 

So much for the "good" half. Now the scrubs and camp bodies take over.


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