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Preseason Overreaction Thread


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If you gave me the option between Dakota Dozier or a parking cone to be my starting RG, I'm taking the parking cone 10/10 times and twice on Sundays.

At least with the parking cone, there is a chance the defender trips over it or wonders why he's not going up against another human being for half a second, which is half a second longer blocking than what you'd get from Dozier.

Jake Browning has the strongest arm you'll ever see from a middle school QB.

Myles Dorn covers air like you've never seen before. He can't cover a receiver to save his life but he's on an island covering air!

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Micah looks really good. The AZ announcers were terrible. Not game related - but Ceedee is going to kill this league. Dude has an incredible 1 handed TD in virtually every practice.

On the negative side, Jaylon still looks really suspect even with a mostly new DL/DC. Not good!

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