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Pre Season W2: Bills @ Bears: Trubisky revenge!


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I am sure many are against the idea but I am all for sitting the key defensive guys again, milano, edmunds, tre, hyde, poyer. Let the guys battling for backup get the shot against Chicago and prevent these guys from getting injured. Last year proved that the bills were capable of playing a season without a preseason game and staying healthy is key to getting a shot at the superbowl especially when you have a 17 game season. McD then can be able to see what LBs and DBs can be back ups to the starters. 

I will be looking closely at DLine and OLine along with the LB position as I think these are the 3 spots that are still up for grabs. Outside of Edmunds and Milano anyone can be the 3 spot for LB. Pass rush we have 8 solid guys and I do not see all 8 making the team. 

Would also like to see more reps from Trubisky hopefully he gets the 1st half with Fromm playing qtr 3 and Webb playing qtr 4.

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1 hour ago, Trentwannabe said:

I agree @soflbillsfan no need to see the defensive starters out there except the rookies or guys like Wallace/Dane who are competing one on one.

Guys like Hughes, Milano, Tre White defensively shouldn't get any pre season reps. I'd like to see Edmunds and Star get some reps before week 1.

Edmunds started slow last year 

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