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Pre Season W2: Bills @ Bears: Trubisky revenge!


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6 minutes ago, soflbillsfan said:

oline got bullied on that 2 pt conversion, hopefully they can work on this as the goal line run plays will look more like an Allen sneak if they cant give singletary/moss the blocking

I know to start it was Dawkins-Feliciano-Bates-Ford-Brown

Was it still that on the 2 Pt/second drive?

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1 minute ago, soflbillsfan said:

it was this at the goal line. Ike got worked a few plays back too. He is definitely a liability if they need to count on him and he continues to play this way.

Sounds like a battle is brewing between him and Douglas.

Too bad Lamp can't stay healthy.

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Do you guys think that not having a true FB last year hindered our running game? The prior season we had Pat Dimarco and our run game was solid. I know it’s only preseason but our running game looks much improved and some of the credit should go towards Gilliam.

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