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Matt Prater extension


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Probably about right. He's worth somewhere around 3.5-4 million a season. When you consider he's getting a 3.6 million dollar signing bonus, the salary per year looks real reasonable. Prater is arguably the best deep ball kicker in the league. Also read somewhere on the net that the Lions have the best all around special teams unit this year, and finished 6th last year in 2016. At least we're good at something, an old former high school coach preached; 3 levels of the game, if you win 2 of the 3 levels of the game the teams odds of winning the game are over 70%. Who knows if it was or is true I've never facted checked him 10 years prior but I still get his point to this day.

Defense isn't clicking now, and the offense for the most part all year has been streaky at best. Lions were winning early by winning the defense and special teams battles but now we're seeing both offense and defense struggle, and the results aren't good. One of these units needs to pick up themselves up to par and become reliable and a strength to the team like our special teams play is.

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