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Preseason, Week 3: VIKINGS (0-2) at Chiefs (2-0)

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1 minute ago, AP_allday2869 said:

Of course Mike Hughes does that

Hughes has looked really good on coverage for KC in the last 2 games.  The Vikings were worried all the time that he'd get hurt again.  They didn't have problems with him on coverage, or even fear of contact caused by having previous injuries.  They knew that he is an adequate CB WHEN he is able to play.

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Why can't announcers get a list of the opposing team's numbers and names??   They've only mentioned the name of ONE Viking player!!!   They just say, "nice break-up by The Viking safety!   Their own fans don't care enough about knowing The NFL to learn the names of opposing teams' players????  TERRIBLE  announcing. 

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Coverage sack, finally by Wonnum.  But 2 other Vikings rushers missed takles they should have made that allowed the QB to get back 3 yards of that loss.


And why are they bothering to play Browning at all?  Might as well give ALL the remaining reps to Mond, until they pick up the REAL back-up QB!  Browning's only pass over 5 yards distance was off by 12 yards!  😟

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