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SURVIVORS (4 mostly dead)

INbengalfan [Cincinnati] - LAR, CLE, DEN, CIN, TAM, IND, ARI, BUF, BAL, DAL, MIA, PHI
ReggieCamp [Cleveland] - LAR, CLE, DEN, BUF, MIN, IND, ARI, KAN, MIA, DAL, TAM, HOU
RuskieTitan [Tennessee] - SFO, CLE, DAL, TAM, BAL, PIT, ARI, LAR, KAN, IND, LAC, MIN



Competitor Team Pct GB Wins Losses Ties
DannyB  Green Bay 0.572 0.0 71 53 1
ReggieCamp  Cleveland 0.589 2.0 73 51 0
INbengalfan  Cincinnati 0.613 5.0 76 48 0
RuskieTitan  Tennessee 0.614 5.0 75 47 1


DannyB is our winner!

Edited by Woz
Game is concluded
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Woz [Washington] - LAR, CLE, DEN, CIN, TAM, IND, NWE, SFO, PIT, BUF, SEA (previously picked BAL)

fluhartz [Cincinnati] - LAR, TAM, BAL, CIN, DAL, IND, ARI, BUF, PIT, GRB, TEN
Nabbs4u [Philadelphia] - CAR, CLE, DEN, CIN, NWE, KAN, TAM, LAR, PIT, IND, TEN

SpawnOfWoz [Kansas City] - TAM, WAS, BAL, BUF, MIN, KAN, ARI, SEA, PIT, LAC

Tk3 [Buffalo] - CAR, CLE, DEN, CIN, MIN, IND, ARI, KAN, BAL, PIT TIED 😁😆🤣

Shanedorf [Green Bay] - SFO, CLE, CAR, BUF, DAL, LAR, GRB, SEA, IND, TAM
jjbnum3 [San Francisco] - SFO, CLE, CAR, CIN, DAL, KAN, NWE, BUF, IND, TAM (previously picked PIT TIED)

wiscsports1234 [Green Bay] - LAR, CLE, BUF, TAM, DAL, IND, ARI, KAN, PIT, BAL
Hunter2_1 [New England] - TAM, GRB, DEN, BUF, DAL, KAN, NWE, LAR, IND, BAL
Fray32 [New Orleans] - SFO, WAS, BUF, CIN, TAM, LAR, ARI, KAN, IND, BAL

scottishpatriot [New England] - SEA, DEN, ARI, GRB, DAL, LAR, NWE, KAN, SFO (previously picked MIA)

James [Carolina] - SFO, TAM, BAL, CIN, TEN, KAN, ARI, LAR, BUF

DrawABlank [Atlanta] - TAM, CLE, CAR, BUF, NWE, IND, ARI, LAR, NOR (previously picked MIA), PIT, TEN, ATL (previously picked NYJ (changed week 9)), LVS (previously picked KAN (changed week 9)), SEA, DAL (previously picked JAC (changed week 9)) LAC, SFO, BAL

SmittyBacall [Cincinnati] - LAR, CLE, DEN, CIN, TAM, IND, ARI, BUF, DAL
malibuspeedrace [Cleveland] - LAR, DEN, CAR, CIN, NWE, IND, GRB, BUF, DAL
Joe_is_the_best [Denver] - TAM, DEN, BAL, KAN, NWE, IND, ARI, LAR, DAL
ConnPatFan [New England] - LAR, TAM, CLE, BUF, BAL, CIN, NWE, KAN, DAL
RandyMossIsBoss [Philadelphia] - SFO, TAM, CAR, KAN, NWE, IND, ARI, BUF, DAL

BareYourTeeth [Baltimore] - TAM, NWE, BAL, KAN, TEN, LAR, ARI, CIN
Nick [Buffalo] - LAR, TAM, CAR, BUF, NWE, IND, ARI, CIN
Suffering_Bills [Buffalo] - LAR, CLE, DEN, BUF, TAM, DAL, ARI, CIN
RJ_11 [Chicago] - LAR, CLE, TEN, BUF, TAM, KAN, ARI, CIN
Texas_OutLaw7 [Dallas] - SFO, TAM, CAR, KAN, NWE, LAR, NOR, CIN, LVS, GRB, ARI, HOU, BAL
deltarich87 [Green Bay] - SFO, CLE, DEN, BUF, TAM, IND, ARI, CIN
jp_chilli [Green Bay] - SFO, GRB, DEN, BUF, TAM, LAR, ARI, CIN
notthatbluestuff [Indianapolis] - LAR, CLE, DEN, BUF, TAM, PIT, ARI, CIN
JaguarCrazy2832 [Jacksonville] - SFO, TAM, CAR, GRB, BAL, IND, NWE, CIN
Jakuvious [Kansas City] - LAR, CLE, CAR, BUF, NWE, KAN, ARI, CIN
BobbyPhil1781 [Las Vegas] - SFO, CLE, DEN, BUF, DAL, GRB, LAR, CIN
MrOaktown_56 [Las Vegas] - SFO, CLE, CAR, BUF, TAM, LAR, ARI, CIN
Bolts223 [Los Angeles Chargers] - LAR, CLE, DEN, BUF, TAM, KAN, ARI, CIN
TheKillerNacho [Miami] - MIA, TAM, DEN, BUF, NWE, LAR, ARI, CIN
Yin-Yang [New England] - SFO, CLE, ARI, BUF, NWE, KAN, GRB, CIN
EL Guapo [New York Giants] - LAR, CLE, DEN, BUF, NWE, IND, ARI, CIN
J-ALL-DAY [San Francisco] - SFO, GRB, BAL, BUF, TAM, LAR, ARI, CIN
jonnguy2015 [San Francisco] - SFO, CLE, DEN, BUF, DAL, LAR, ARI, CIN
djw4bucs [Tampa Bay] - LAR, GRB, BAL, DAL, TAM, IND, NWE, CIN
mfw096 [Tampa Bay] - TAM, LAR, DEN, BUF, DAL, KAN, ARI, CIN
titanrick [Tennessee] - TAM, CLE, DEN, BUF, BAL, LAR, ARI, CIN
Thaiphoon [Washington] - TAM, CLE, DEN, BUF, NWE, LAR, ARI, CIN

iknowcool [Carolina] - LAR, CLE, CAR, BUF, ATL, IND, NWE, DET

Trentwannabe [Buffalo] - CAR, BUF, DEN, GRB, NWE, LAR, SFO, KAN, BAL, ARI, TAM, DAL, NYJ

HashtagFTW [Detroit] - LAR, CLE, DEN, TAM, MIN, PIT, CAR
minutemancl [New York Giants] - SFO, ARI, DEN, BUF, BAL, LAR, CAR

Livewire [Pittsburgh] - LAR, GRB, DEN, BUF, LVS
MikeT14 [Washington] - LAR, DEN, CAR, LAC, LVS

JIllg [San Francisco] - SFO, GRB, BAL, BUF, CAR

Malfatron [Green Bay] - SFO, GRB, BAL, CIN, NYJ (previously picked TAM)

atmer [New England] - TAM, NWE, ARI, BUF, <no pick recorded>
Scalamania [Philadelphia] - SFO, GRB, ARI, BUF, <no pick recorded>

JAF-N72EX [Chicago] - HOU, DEN, BUF, LAR

Bowler1215 [Chicago] - LAR, TAM, ARI, TEN
Reginaldm9 [Cleveland] - KAN, TAM, BAL, TEN
CWood21 [Green Bay] - KAN, GRB, BUF, TEN
ifeelasleep [Green Bay] - LAR, ARI, CAR, TEN
Leader [Green Bay] - SFO, GRB, CAR, TEN
biggio7 [Houston] - LAR, TAM, BUF, TEN
Blackstar12 [Indianapolis] - LAR, CLE, ARI, TEN
kingseanjohn [Kansas City] - LAR, ARI, DEN, TEN
Lurker [Kansas City] - CAR, GRB, DEN, TEN
101Raider [Las Vegas] - SFO, GRB, CAR, TEN
ChosenOne [Miami] - MIA, GRB, BAL, TEN
Forge [San Francisco] - CAR, WAS, LVS, TEN
TB Doug22 [Tampa Bay] - SFO, GRB, BUF, TEN
e16bball [Washington] - SFO, GRB, CAR, TEN
HTTRDynasty [Washington] - SFO, CLE, LVS, TEN
Jeezy Fanatic [Washington] - SFO, CLE, BUF, TEN

Zalixar [Arizona] - SFO, TAM, CAR, NOR (previously picked TEN)
berlin calling [Baltimore] - TAM, ARI, TEN, NOR
Rainmaker90 [Green Bay] - CAR, CLE, DEN, NOR
Nightmare [Las Vegas] - LAR, CLE, DEN, NOR
bluecheese999 [New York Jets] - KAN, CLE, LVS, NOR
SkippyX [Philadelphia] - LAR, CLE, DEN, NOR
Slappy Mc [Washington] - CAR, CLE, ARI, NOR

DontTazeMeBro [Baltimore] - CAR, CLE, BUF, MIA (previously picked CHI)

BigTrav [Kansas City] - LAR, TAM, BAL, <no pick recorded>
kyle21121 [Los Angeles Chargers] - CAR, DEN, ARI, <no pick recorded>
N4L [San Francisco] - SFO, TAM, BAL, <no pick recorded>

Danger [Philadelphia] - LAR, GRB, PHI

KingOfNewYork [New York Jets] - LAR, TAM, SEA

hornbybrown [Cleveland] - SFO, TAM, KAN

TedLavie [Kansas City] - LAR, CLE, NYG
Trojan [Las Vegas] - LVS, ARI, NYG
Art_Vandalay [Philadelphia] - SFO, WAS, NYG

Fresh Prince [New England] - SFO, NWE, <edited post with pick>

drd23 [Baltimore] - LAR, DEN, <no pick recorded>
TakeTheBallDeep [Buffalo] - CIN, NWE, <no pick recorded>

PurpleLion [Baltimore] - LAR, SEA
Johnny Nix [Cincinnati] - CIN, SEA, ARI
Packer_ESP [Green Bay] - DEN, SEA
Dodo [Las Vegas] - TAM, SEA
skinsfan83 [Washington] - DEN, SEA

UncleAdamz [Arizona] - SFO, NOR
Jeezla [Philadelphia] - PHI, NOR

ET80 [Delta State Fighting Okra] - SFO, PIT (previously picked CLE)
SWATcha [New Orleans] - TAM, PIT

DawgX [Cleveland] - KAN, HOU

Leoric [San Diego State Aztecs] - SFO, CIN

Dingo18287 [Delta State Fighting Okra] - CAR, <no pick recorded>
Dr A W Niloc [Delta State Fighting Okra] - TAM, <no pick recorded>
.Buzz [Jacksonville] - LAR, <no pick recorded>

D82 [Dallas] - BAL
MisterB1ll [Dallas] - BAL
chucknorris101 [Green Bay] - BAL
Kenrik [Green Bay] - BAL
Jaymun [New England] - BAL
PFM18 [Omaha Nighthawks] - BAL
TheRealMcCoy [Philadelphia] - BAL

ChazStandard [New England] - NWE

NYRaider [Las Vegas] - NYG

blkwdw13 [Chicago] - GRB
beekay414 [Green Bay] - GRB
kgthekid [Green Bay (check Facebook status)] - GRB
mse326 [Houston] - GRB
nolaexpat [New Orleans] - GRB
Manny/Patrick [San Francisco] - GRB

catcheryea [Akron Zips] - MIN
11sanchez11 [Arizona] - MIN
swoosh [Atlanta] - MIN
viking [Buffalo] - MIN
roysmyboy31 [Dallas] - MIN
cp0k2 [Detroit] - MIN
NeptunePenguins [Houston] - MIN
SteelKing728 [Minnesota] - MIN

Master of Suspense [Chicago] - JAC
Runaway Jim [Dallas] - JAC
Broncofan [Denver] - JAC (previously picked DEN)
Longhorns90 [Houston] - JAC
Jax [Jacksonville] - JAC
Tugboat [Jacksonville] - JAC
Uncle Buck [Jacksonville] - JAC
Phinsesq [Miami] - JAC
Nzd07 [Minnesota] - JAC
AZ_Eaglesfan [Philadelphia] - JAC
EaglesPeteC [Philadelphia] - JAC
Shady Slim [Pittsburgh] - JAC
Aussie9er [San Francisco] - JAC
Daboyle [Washington] - JAC

Epyon [Chicago] - NYJ

Here'sJim [Cleveland] - TEN
Wyld Stallyns [Indianapolis] - TEN

Falconof Shadows [Atlanta] - ATL
Blazer026 [Las Vegas] - ATL
swede700 [Minnesota] - ATL

Edited by Woz
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This is where I will post about the people who will have failed to rules they swore they read. It's only a matter of when, not if.


As I said ...

For editing this post with a pick in it, iloxygenil is disqualified from this competition before week 1.
For editing this post with a pick in it, Fresh Prince is disqualified from this competition before week 3.


Also, courtesy of a DM hypothetical 😞 ... which shouldn't have been done since I said all comms should be in this thread:


Poster X screws up and posts the following week's pick BEFORE  MNF kicks off. That's an invalid pick
What if Poster X edits that post ( still before MNF kicks off) is that still an elimination move ?  Or is he safe in limbo land ?

In other words, if it isn't a valid pick - would you still get booted for editing it ?

From the rules:

On 8/27/2021 at 7:53 PM, Woz said:

The edit cannot occur in a post with a pick. I don't care why you edited. If there is a pick in the post and you edit it, you are disqualified and will be eliminated.

Basically, the post itself needs to be valid first then the pick is considered.

Edited by Woz
A two-fer this year! Plus an interesting hypothetical
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Rule updates will go here, as will notes that are mostly for me in the future. My wife and kids enter unofficially, I'll track them here.

Rule updates/clarification for next year

  • I cannot believe I have to write this down, but make it clear that the font of the "verbatim phrase" doesn't matter. Punctuation does, though.
  • Include clarification on post validity versus pick validity as described in Hall of Judgment


Unofficial "House of Woz" competition:
Spawn #2 [Miami] - MIA, WAS, TAM
Wife of Woz [Kansas City] - KAN, GRB, BUF, NOR
Spawn #1 [Kansas City] - TAM (now in the main competition!)


This is the last post I edit as a host. Everything beyond this point, I am a competitor and subject to the editing rules.

Edited by Woz
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2 minutes ago, Forge said:

I'd like to reiterate, I have not picked a losing team since 2018 in this thing and I've played in both 2019 and 2020.


Can you make it three years in a row? I am dying to see (as well as who not to pick in a given week ... just in case ...)

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