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16 hours ago, Talc10 said:

Favourite team Pats.

Weeks 1 pick 49ers

Week 2 pick Browns

I have some bad news for you:

On 9/11/2021 at 12:12 AM, Woz said:

Not that I have to do this, but I'm feeling magnanimous:

@Bowler1215, @FinneasGage, @Kenrik, @Rainmaker90, @Shanedorf, @Texansfan713, @HolmesPriest, @LeotheLion, @NVRamsFan, @Jaymun, @Talc10, @August4th, @Aussie9er, and @AirMcNair

You all have attempted to enter the Survivor Pool contest. However, your initial entry was not valid. Please re-read the front post and resubmit a valid entry. For those of you who had selected Tampa Bay, I'm sorry, but since your entry was not valid at the time their game started, you cannot use them. You will need to select another team.

This will be the last announcement to you all. You have 36+ hours from now before the first big slate of games starts.

Since you never correctly created an entry, you are not in this competition.

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  • Woz changed the title to SURVIVOR POOL 16 - DannyB WINS!!

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