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On 10/8/2021 at 8:41 AM, N4L said:

Thats a very generous offer! Not sure that @Woz is game 

I like every post of woz's I come across. Hopefully that's enough of a tip!


How you pick your teams is your business. Just needs to be your post in this thread.

Of course, should he win, he'll get all of the credit.

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18 hours ago, N4L said:
On 8/27/2021 at 7:54 PM, Woz said:

Shanedorf [Green Bay] - SFO, CLE, CAR, BUF

Going to go Tampa here for @Shanedorfif he agrees and if @Wozis willing to work with us 

6 hours ago, Shanedorf said:

I'm on board with whatever the boss man prefers.
Don't wanna make any more work or create new headaches for him to manage.

Again, you need to make your own pick. How you decide is up to you.

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*Woz left brain* They're a 10 point favorite!
*Woz right brain* But it's a divisional game ... we don't want to pick divisional games
*Woz left brain* They're playing the Lions!
*Woz right brain* But it's Kirk Cousins ... do you trust Cousins?
*Woz left brain* Don't let the pain and suffering of being a mod from four or five years ago ruin this pick!

*Woz right brain*


Week 5: Minnesota Vikings over Detroit Lions.

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1 hour ago, Suffering_Bills said:

Woz, or anybody who knows: Can we change our pick more than once, long as we do it in the proper manner? Looked at the rules; didn't see anything that said one way or the other.

You can change as many times as you want in a given week as long as they are valid picks. I want to say it was either @Malfatron or @ET80 a couple of years back who changed their mind like five times in the first week.

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7 minutes ago, KingOfNewYork said:
8 hours ago, Malfatron said:

change week 5 pick to: New york jets

You chose…….wisely

I certainly would not have expected New York Jets v. Atlanta Falcons to be a guaranteed elimination game ...

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