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5K or BUST! 2021


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@HitStickAllDay 988

@ArcticNorseman 944

SteelKing728        943

@skywindO2 925

@Robbroy45 915

@VikeManDan 910

@swede700 908

@titanrick 873

@byuvike88 872


@marshpit23 830

@DisplacedViking 819

@TitanSlim 809

@vikesfan89 693


@Boda 671

@blkwdw13 630


@viking because you didn't put a pick in again you are eliminated.

Sorry I can't fix the formatting right now. I'm on my phone.

If you see anything wrong, please let me know.

Please put the amount of passing yards your QB had for that week when you post, I'd greatly appreciate it. I also wouldn't mind if you added up your total for the week as well! This is not mandatory but it greatly helps. Regardless, I verify what the totals were.

So for instance, if you used Jameis Winston and then Derek Carr, it would look like this:

Week 1: Winston (194)

Week 2: Carr (198)

Total: 392


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