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5K or BUST! 2021


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@swede700 1610

@ArcticNorseman 1577

SteelKing728  1538

@skywindO2 1475

@titanrick 1457

@VikeManDan 1447

@DisplacedViking 1403

@Robbroy45 1396

------------------------------------------ (1390)

@byuvike88 1383

@TitanSlim 1353

@marshpit23 1316

@vikesfan89  1124

@blkwdw13 1058


@Boda because you failed to make a selection two weeks in a row, you are eliminated. Try again next year and good luck with the other games!

If you see anything wrong, please let me know.

Please put the amount of passing yards your QB had for that week when you post, I'd greatly appreciate it. I also wouldn't mind if you added up your total for the week as well! This is not mandatory but it greatly helps. Regardless, I verify what the totals were.

So for instance, if you used Jameis Winston and then Derek Carr, it would look like this:

Week 1: Winston (194)

Week 2: Carr (198)

Total: 392

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On 10/6/2021 at 8:54 AM, swede700 said:

Week 1:  Jimmy Garropolo - 314 yds

Week 2:   Matthew Stafford (LAR) - 278 yds

Week 3:  Kyler Murray (AZ) - 316 yds

Week 4:  Jalen Hurts (Phi) - 387 yds

Week 5: Josh Allen (Buf) - 315 yds

Week 6: Patrick Mahomes (KC)

Total: 1,610 yds

Avg: 322 yds (-1.75 yds from last week)

On Pace: 5,796 yds (-31.50 yds from last week)

In an odd twist, which may only interest me, in the odd weeks, I've gotten 314, 316 and 315 yds (so in Week 7 expect either 313 or 317), and in the even weeks the final 2 numbers of the yardage total contained a 7 and an 8...so I'm shooting for either 287 or 378... 

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