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Raiders waive LB Tanner Muse

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10 minutes ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Not easy switching positions from college to the NFL, and missing your entire rookie campaign to boot. 

Not saying you’re wrong but this is a move about how they don’t see him having the talent needed IMO. You don’t Give up on a player after one year that you think hes talented 

With KJ is made him expandable 

Sucks cause it’s another waisted 3rd rounder but the Raiders are replacing him with a way better player who will see the field almost every down 

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Gruden and Mayock baby.   Mayock the draft guru, more like talking head, phony TV stooge.  

Fans wonder why we are a YOY dumpster fire.  Look not further than our drafting.  5 1st round picks over 2 years and zero elite talent, CF who was picked 4 overall is a backup, Arnette another 1st round backup who is 25 years old and looks lost.  Abram looks lost, Bowden, Muse, Johnson all gone..... 

Pathetic is the best adjective I can think of to describe Grudocks ineptness on draft day and that is being kind.  Don't get me started on out terrible FA signings....

Cue the typical Raider fans victim mentality.... It's Gunthers fault hahahahahahah

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If you count Bryant and Brown Gruden has had 9 3rd round picks.  Bryant, Brown, Bowden, Muse Parker, and Key were all bad use of picks.  Edwards, Koonce, and Deablo have not had the opportunity to prove anything yet.  Sorry but in the 3rd you should get starters or solid backups.  If anything just trade the 3rds for future 2nds.

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Got fired on his birthday. 

sadly, anyone could see from his college tape he wasn’t a 3rd round pick. This guy was a fringe late 6th-7th round pick at best. Not sure what Gruden and Mayock were doing but Bowden and amuse didn’t play one regular season down for us

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