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Week 1: New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers - Darnold's "Revenge"

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Did much better than I thought we would.  Good job with coaching adjustments. Everything that happened was pretty much expected. 

There was zero chance of our front 7 stopping CMC. I liked seeing Wilson get his butt kicked and still keep his head in the game. This game will help him more than the easy ride he had in preseason 

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5 up:

Bryce Hall- stud performance 

Corey Davis- Great performance 

Foley Fatukasi- Consistent gap pressure, did his job all day

Wilson(2nd half)- Despite the OL still being trash he delivered in the 2nd half. Great poise and toughness.

Ammendola- He kept it close enough to fight. What was asked of him today is not easy and he delivered.

5 down

OL outside of maybe AVT and Moses- just bad

LaFleur- terrible

Redwine- cut him

Linebackers- all bad

Saleh- This team wasn’t prepared early for what the Panthers did. 

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My thoughts on today’s game;


- Very impressed with our young secondary. I know there will be many bumps along the way but you can’t expect clean games from very inexperienced players playing positions like cornerback. 

-Loved what I saw from Zach. Again there were mistakes of course but he hung in the pocket and evaded so much pressure. Looked like he got in the grove in the second half and all the more impressive going against a very good defense. Corey Davis looked like the guy we have needed since B-Marsh. Just a big man on the outside. 

-JFM looked good and I liked our special teams. 


- O-Line was horrendous. All the investment and attention and to **** the bed like that made me angry all game. Disgusting. 

-Coaching improved in the second half but again so lacklustre. On offense we looked like the ‘same old Jets’. No design plays for Elijah. Couldn’t get the run game going but persisted with it when changing to a short screen game may have served better. Only bringing Mims in for the final series was inexcusable. 

- Before the game I was excited to see this d-line obliterate Carolinas put together o-line. Instead we got bullied and as a whole looked garbage. Disgusting from both lines today. 

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On 9/7/2021 at 11:10 PM, KingOfNewYork said:


- Contain McCaffrey. Our run defense was a strength the past few years and forcing teams to 3rd and long will be huge in helping out the pass rush and coverage. Mosley/Hamsah/Sherwood will have to contain him in the passing game as well. If we can not only limit his touches but explosive plays we can establish an early advantage. 

- Contain Robby deep. Our defense should be fine underneath and over the middle but the outside is a concern. Our Corners can run but they're inexperienced and this is 4 of their first game(Pinnock, Echols, Carter and Dunn). Robby is a great threat deep and could take advantage of 1v1 on the outside. 

- Establishing the run game. We have to set the tone on the ground. We're on the road with a rookie QB against an inexperienced defense. If Becton and company can set the tone then Wilson can pick the backend apart when he needs to. 

- Taking advantage of their offensive line. Their OL is not a strength, QWill and JFM should set an early tone with other guys cleaning up around them. Let's pressure Sam because we know first hand how that ends up working out. 

Let’s see.

-McCaffrey killed us

-Robby got loose once

-We couldn’t run the ball 

-We got almost zero pressure and got pushed in the run game 

0/4 in the key to victory likely means an L.

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Why do we still have Greg Van Roten? Why couldn't we upgrade over him. We get Moses to start Fant? 


Why does Mims not get playing time?


Moore I hope this was just first game jitters, because he dropped a big catch downfield.

The OL needs to play better, that was pathetic.  We need to run the ball better.  

Wilson showed the talent, he got beat up but stood in there and almost brought them back on his back. That 2nd TD pass, Horn had great coverage and Wilson threw a perfect pass right past his hand.  That pass to Mims was sick too, laser down the sideline. 

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