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WEEK 1: UNDEFEATED Denver Broncos @ New York Giants - 2.25pm MDT /// 4.25pm EDT

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7 minutes ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

You’re right on that. Even still, that hit Hamler in the hands and would have been a TD. That’s 99% on Hamler. 

They said on draft night last year that Hamler had inconsistent hands. That was not a good draft choice in Round 2.

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If Albert O didn’t fumble it earlier it’s probably 24-7, I’d say I’m far from a Teddy fan but he’s played good and the offense overall has played great.


If you can’t tell the difference between a 2020 offense shooting itself in the foot with negative plays and penalties and this offense actually converting and staying on the field well you should probably just stop posting for the sake of looking like an imbecile. 

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4 minutes ago, champ11 said:

absolutely gutted about jeudy right now. but two fantastic drives from teddy - offense looking somewhat competent. vic going for it on fourth downs. 

Agreed. Vic is coaching for his job and has his hand-picked QB in there. He has to go for it.

Lets hope Jeudy can rehab and make a full recovery. Hopefully this will focus him to recover and improve. From what we heard last year, he spend the offseason getting stoned out of his gourd. 

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