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Survivor pool 2021 edition


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On 10/28/2021 at 7:18 AM, GW21 said:

@N4L you are all that remains for this week. 

just you and me big boy!! only fitting since you hijacked my game

thinking about picking the 49ers this week... 


Also ftr if we both lose, it continues to another week until one wins and one loses. There is no tiebreaker based on SOS that other formats use

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1 hour ago, rudyZ said:

I don't have to give up my belt, do I? I'm keeping the belt right? Guys, don't do this to me...

me in 2020: It was a fluke year! We couldnt play in our own stadium, had too many injuries, and rudy won survivor 

me in 2021: maybe we just suck, rudy can keep his belt

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