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Vikings extend T Brian O'Neill

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Great for him but last year he did get beat quite a lot in pass pro.  Did great in run blocking but has to improve his pass protection skills to really take it to another level.


Tristan Wirfs is a better player now and has better long term potential, in terms of prospects O'Neill is not even close to Wirfs in my opinion.  

Not many great RTs in the NFL though, Orlando Brown Jr was arguably the best but now he is a LT and should soon be paid as such.  Still nuts Orlando Brown Jr is only getting around $3 mil for this up coming season.  


When healthy Lane Johnson is arguably the best but he is getting up there in age.  Ryan Ramczyk is very good as well, then there is a big dive after Jack Conklin who has a lot of ability, Taylor Moton is good but not sure he is all that great long term, La'el Collins is ok but gets hurt so much is hard to tell and same with Trenton Brown who kind of flopped on the Raiders will see what he looks like back on New England.  


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1 hour ago, vegas492 said:

Solid tackle getting elite money.  Can't say the Vikes "won" that negotiation, but he is a very solid player who probably has not hit his full potential just yet.

they're definitely banking on his continued development. his overall PFF grade was like 63 as a rookie, 70 in his second year and 78 last season.


of course most (all) of that improvement was in the run game so if he doesn't improve his pass pro then he's maxed out as an elite run blocker and below average pass protector. 

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2 hours ago, Rodjahs12 said:

Good player. Obviously glad this wasn't a discount in any sense of the word.

It's actually a pretty decent contract for both sides since it's a 5-year deal. He's probably in the Top 7-12ish RT range. If he keeps playing well it we'll be a nice contract for the Vikes.

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So Brian O'neil only gives up a sack every 709 snaps. Ramcyzk gives up a sack every 413 snaps. Oneil though on 1,000 fewers snaps only trails Ramcyzk by 1 penalty. That's not good so based on Ramcyzk's deal I'd expect Oneil to get a 17 to 18 million per year stetched out into a 5 year deal. I'm sure his agent will push the lack of sacks given up and Oneil being younger.

Man I was correct about O'Neil's numbers. 😊

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