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Week 1: Chicago Bears vs Los Angeles Rams

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On 9/13/2021 at 1:12 PM, BStanRamFan said:

Yeah, dividing the fanbase over an "I told you so" moment isn't going to bring any value to the board. I'm just letting it go and we can all enjoy this season together. 

Eating crow never hurt no one, we've all had to do it on this forum.  I'm not gonna be annoying about it every week but it wont stop being funny all season as Stafford chases the mvp. 

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I just laugh that people actually think if we didn't like the trade we don't like Stafford, Snead or McVay and we some how aren't rooting for the Rams. There's silliness in every side of a topic that's for certain. Been a Rams fan for 40+ years, a trade isn't going to change that now just like it didn't when the stripper traded Dickerson or moved the Rams to steal money from St Louis in the deal that the city knew they couldn't ever live up to. Stayed through all the recent drama and still rooting just as hard as ever. Life changes recently have me posting a lot less around here, added to that is the people thinking they have some reason to throw shade at people.

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