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Week 1: Packers @ Saints in Jacksonville GDT

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Just now, packfanfb said:

I have no idea why teams kick the ball into the endzone against us for touchbacks...

So Rodgers doesn't get too many yards per drive before he throws an INT

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Its not really anything to do with Rodgers, the whole team has been desperately outplayed. Rodgers INTs were largely desperation throws. 

The team just doesn't look ready. Don't think there's any reason to panic But it reflects very badly on everyone. 

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2 minutes ago, Rodjahs12 said:

Nobody liked Rodgers when he was playing at an MVP level last season so it’s really no surprise to see the majority of the fan base turn on him at the first sign of poor play like the turncoats they all are lol

Imagine trying to defend him right now

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Just now, incognito_man said:

how can we all turn if we've felt this way for a long time? that's not turning, it's literally the opposite. It's staying consistent.

Frankly at this point it’ll be good for this fanbase if Love sucks. Things are not always better on the other side. You’re finding this out week 1 with Barry over Pettine already and you’re very likely to find the exact same thing out with Love over Aaron. This team blows in its current form, and I have a very hard time believing Aaron is the reason why. 

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