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Week 1: Packers @ Saints in Jacksonville GDT

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1 minute ago, Rodjahs12 said:

Frankly at this point it’ll be good for this fanbase if Love sucks. Things are not always better on the other side. You’re finding this out week 1 with Barry over Pettine already and you’re very likely to find the exact same thing out with Love over Aaron. This team blows in its current form, and I have a very hard time believing Aaron is the reason why. 

Hm, yeah - not sure how all those offseason antics and his terrible attitude while wearing a self-styled invincibility shroud would have any possible negative impact on a club.

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Well that was anticlimactic. Who would have thought that your MVP acting like a diva all offseason & bringing the team constant melodramatic attention might actually have an adverse affect on the start of the season?  Talked the talk but he ain't walk ****.

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I'm trying to look at things fairly here. Rodgers is getting pressure, but he usually handles that. He is not today and has missed a lot of his throws.


I'd like to beleive it is just the FL thing.... but his off season drama has to be suspect here too. You can't get by in from a team when a "leader" does that, and this team is showing those consequences. 

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I'm going to enjoy the, "wE sHoUlD GivE AarON WhatEVer HE waNTs" crowd hide in the bushes after this entire season crashes down and we only manage 9 wins thanks to Aaron completely decimating the entire morale of this team.

You were all wrong who said we shouldn't trade him.

We should have.


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