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Could Ridley break 2k this year?

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With Julio out of the picture Ridley went off to finish up the season and absolutely torched defenses. If Rid can stay healthy and plays all 17 games do you see him breaking 2000 yards?

I’m thinking we’ll see him at no less than 1700 this year. With the addition of Pitts and Hurst getting more targets I don’t know if Rid can push it past that 125/gm mark to push him past 2k but I could see him hanging around that 100 number. 

I don’t think Pitts breaks 1k but I do think he’ll catch 50+ passes and 8 TDs. Hurst I do think will get to that 1k mark because he’s flat out going to be forgotten by most. 

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On 10/12/2021 at 3:23 PM, Remy said:

I definitely see him getting there.  However I'm not sure with how our season is going so far that he will make it but he will for sure get close.

Man I wish he was healthy and could be out there. It was very obvious something was impacting Ridley’s play. Hope he gets the help he needs to have a good life, regardless of football. But him not being on the field is miserable. 

We don’t have a single WR who can beat one on one coverage. 

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