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NFL Regular Season Overreactions

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14 hours ago, agarcia34 said:

Are we sure Saquon Barkley is a good RB? 

Nope. And I think it'll be difficult for him to prove behind that line.

I do think he was good at one point. Hard to know what the injuries have done to him, if anything

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On 9/16/2021 at 7:01 AM, EvilenFroggen said:

“Who Got My Back” will be considered the most irritating ad for at least this season and next. 

“Serena/Wonder Woman” will be beaten out for second most irritating ad at some point this season, but just barely. 

I guess it IS overreacting to say that. Both ads suck aggressively, but the NFL has months to come up with more that suck even worse.

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7 hours ago, ronjon1990 said:


As with most high profile players, we were once told that Barely would be one of the greats, and like mindless drones, most bought it and will overlook every speck of evidence that may indicate otherwise for as long as possible. 

The unfortunate thing is even if he was, nearly everybody realized the Giants had no business being the team drafting him. It was a misguided notion based on total delusion they Eli wasn’t completely washed and you could build around him. Let alone all the other issues the team had. 

The fact that he’s dealt with injuries and hasn’t really been that generational level player he was predicted as is just salt in the wound. He’s still very good, but that will never not be a dumb pick and the debates on it were infuriating 

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