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Week 1 v Jax - the Tyrod Taylor era begins!

Whatcha gonna do?  

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  1. 1. Watching the game?

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25 minutes ago, jch1911 said:

My office mate swears by his BGE.

My two cousins have BGEs, they're maestros when it comes to smoking stuff. 

I'm good, but I'm operating "short staffed" without one...

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6 hours ago, Jaytrajik said:

Not gonna lie it felt kinda good not having to watch the ol' chin making boneheaded decisions on the sideline with that Goofy grin on his face. 

May he rot in the darkest places and take Alabama with him.

I was just talking to someone about this on reddit but this is the most prepared I've seen us play for the first week of the season ... maybe ever? granted it was the Jaguars Defense but both sides of our team had pretty nice plays.

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Interesting news out there.... i think it is more about timing than being a fact, but word is USC is targeting Urban (which is why Helton was fired)

And i saw this meme,,,, I LOL'd


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