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Week 01 2021 - GDT - Packers (0-0) @ Saints (0-0) (in Jacksonville)

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Gentlemen, this is what we've been waiting for for months, the kickoff of a new season, a new era, and a new direction.

So many questionmarks surrounding our QB room and how Jameis Winston can handle/lead this offense. What will our WR's do? How will Kamara respond to an entire new cast of RB's.

And then there's the defense. We know our CB crew is... is what? Is paper thin. Is hodge podge... ugh.
I've heard our LB corps is off the hook, so hopefully we can keep opposing teams to a slow roar.

Green Bay - We know who Aaron Rogers is, and what he can do. If our D can get in his face early and often, then I like our chances. If not, this could be a rough day.

"home" away from DOME, Jacksonville. I'm a little intrigued that the brass chose to play outdoors in Florida when Dallas was available and offered. I guess it beats San Antonio, but man, the home crowd will be limited. Question for a friend - are there any Packer fans in Florida?

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1 minute ago, Fray32 said:

The 2.5 games of healthy Kwan are gonna be sooo nice this year. Nothing against Anzalone personally, but I never want to see him suit up for this team ever again (sorry Loins)

Anzalone was good when healthy, just barely ever really healthy.

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People thinking the Saints are going to fall off cuz Brees is gone doesn't realize that Brees for all he did to keep the Saints consistent with his play also limited their ceiling due to a lack of arm strength the past few years.  Winston will give the Saints Super Bowl potential but also a lot of possible hair pulling moments.

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