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Week 2 GDT: NY Football Giants (0-1) vs Washington Football Team (0-1) - 8 pm EST Thursday

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1 minute ago, Jeezy Fanatic said:

I don’t get this game plan. Here’s our new QB on a short week during a monsoon, let’s pass the ball 800 times

Would be nice if the OL would hold up, but no.

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Just now, 4209 said:

We are horrible on 3 rd downs on both side of the ball. 

Washington has only allowed one 3rd down conversion, though.

They're just getting beaten badly on first and second downs.

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We genuinely went into a season with Fitz, Heinecke and Allen coming off a badly broken leg as our QBs. And the crazy thing is that’s only one of our biggest problems. Apparently Del Rio spent the off-season forgetting how to coach. 

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1 minute ago, lavar703 said:

I’m guessing we’ll come out with this stupid two-LB set against the giants will just march right down the field. 

I have argued that a 4-2-5 base would work provided you have linebackers that can cover sideline-to-sideline.

In theory, Washington has one player that could do that, but they are leaving him on the bench because ... reasons ...

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