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Week 2: VIKINGS (0-1) at Cardinals (1-0)


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3 minutes ago, vikesfan89 said:

But never with 17 games.  Anything can happen now

I mean it's not like we're getting killed and have lost by 4 points in the span of two games but if we lose next week, even with 17 games....that's not good. We'd just have to keep hoping the Packers, Bears, and Lions lose as well but as it stands, the winner of MNF's GB/DET is leading the division at 1-1

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5 minutes ago, skywindO2 said:

36 seconds left and choose to let the clock run down instead?  Deserved to lose there, just bone headed stupidity from this stupid team. 

I'm curious what the math would tell us about that situation.

I think it was very risk adverse to run out the clock.

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We have great players who make plays and care about this team. Thielen, Jefferson, O'Neill, Pierce, Kendricks, Smith, Cook

We have young guys who are still growing but showing promise. Wonnum, Dantzler, Osborn, Udoh

We have veterans who might not be around long but are good enough to win with. Peterson, Breeland, Weatherly, Alexander, Vigil and Woods

We have a few bad players. Hill, Bradbury.

The talent is there. This is on coaching. I used to defend Zimmer but I think upon seasons conclusion, it'll be time for him and Spielman to go.

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