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Week 2: VIKINGS (0-1) at Cardinals (1-0)


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1 hour ago, SemperFeist said:

There’s trusting the kicker, and then there’s literally rolling over with 30+ seconds for a 47 yard field goal. 

He’s a coward who coaches scared. He’s a trash coach. 

It was 37, wasn’t it? I still would have run another play, just with our history, but 37 has to be 90+ percent success rate.

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10 minutes ago, SteelKing728 said:

We have great players who make plays and care about this team. Thielen, Jefferson, O'Neill, Pierce, Kendricks, Smith, Cook

We have young guys who are still growing but showing promise. Wonnum, Dantzler, Osborn, Udoh

We have veterans who might not be around long but are good enough to win with. Peterson, Breeland, Weatherly, Alexander, Vigil and Woods

We have a few bad players. Hill, Bradbury.

The talent is there. This is on coaching. I used to defend Zimmer but I think upon seasons conclusion, it'll be time for him and Spielman to go.

Hill and Bradberry both played 100% solid. How often did you here their name

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2 minutes ago, gopherwrestler said:

This loss isn’t on the players.

Once the run was stuffed in the second half, there was zero adjustment. No attempt to run those PA bootlegs Kirk likes. No attempts downfield (besides that Jefferson shot on 4th down). No sweeps. No pitches. Just run after run up the middle that set up 2nd & longs.

We ran the ball down their throat in the first half, couldn't adjust when it was taken away, and we just kept trying what wasn't working and that sucks since the defense actually did step up in the 4th and we just punted the ball right back

Time and time again, we see this team unable to adapt in-game.

Then we get into the offense running up and down the field in the first half and then we only play for a damn field goal at the end of the half? Once again....Zimmer's lack of aggressiveness is frustrating and it has been for 8 years.

It's even more frustrating that Daniel Carlson is now one of the best kickers in the NFL because Zimmer can have patience with a Breeland who's a disaster but not a rookie kicker with draft status.  

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What kind of code do Vikings fans have in the matrix?  Good lord! 🙄  If there was ever a time to think some archangel is raining bad luck on a team, it's ours.   

Zimmer didn't fail.   The kicker missed the kick (2 actually) . . . Fred Cox, Benny Ricardo, Gary Anderson, Blair Walsh, Daniel Carlson and Dan Bailey all missed kicks under 40 yards that lost games.   

So, we're not whining this week because we lost in OT, and had Joseph made the PAT -- at how many yards?  -- they would had another OT game.

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