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Week 2: VIKINGS (0-1) at Cardinals (1-0)

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On 9/13/2021 at 7:55 AM, SemperFeist said:

After the way the o-line and defense performed against Cincinnati, I don’t in any way see this as a win. 

The Zimmer era appears (needs) to be over.   Time to start looking at prospective new coaches. Preferably an offensive minded coach. 

I agree, -especially with Kendricks and Barr out, and Vigil hobbling, and Griffin out. Not only will The Vikings need to use Ham to help Rashod Hill against Chandler Jones on every play, but Troy Dye or Connolly might have to be the shadow for Kyler Murray (otherwise it would have been Barr or Kendricks (both of whom could handle that job a lot better).  I don't see how they're going to stop The Cardinals from scoring, and I don't know how they are going to outscore them, with Cousins not having enough time to look downfield at his receivers.  I'll be happy if they are in the game at all, and it stays close.

I agree fully with the 2nd line statements.  The Vikings are NOT going to win this year's Superbowl (or even win more than one playoff game this season (even if everything from now on goes right)).  And with so many one-year contracts, and older players, this team needs a major injection of young talent, and a new GM and coaches to develop those young players.  They need an offensive-minded coach, with a better college scouting staff, and a GM who will choose better scouts and subordinate coaches who will develop young players a lot better than Zimmer and his staff have.  I think it will be better for The Vikings in the long run, for them to finish with a 5-12 or 6-11 record, and draft higher, and more importantly, not only fire Zimmer, but fire Spielmann, too (assuming there is a decent replacement for the latter after this season ends).

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