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Hawkeye Disney+ - New Episodes Wednesday's

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40 minutes ago, The Gnat said:

Super pumped as well. This is definitely that Matt Fraction series, at least kind of based on that. I think that it's going to be a lot of fun. And while I'm enjoying What If? I am really excited to have a show that will be live action again.

Im really hoping the jump suit Russians also say bro over and over

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3 hours ago, Deadpulse said:

Felt this deserved its own thread. 

I am very freaking pumped. This is CLEARLY taking a lot of direction from one of my favorite comic runs of all time:

Amazon.com: Hawkeye, Vol. 1: 9780785184874: Aja, David, Pulido, Javier,  Francavilla, Francesco, Davis, Alan, Hamm, Jesse, Fraction, Matt: Books

Such a great series to base it on so I'm pumped!  I'm hoping they get this right bcuz his character has been underwhelming so far and he deserves his due.  

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14 minutes ago, Deadpulse said:
22 minutes ago, D82 said:


Sorry, comic speak for collected issues into one graphic novel 

the marvel comics app has a free trial now, they updated it recently. 
Might use another email and read them all finally.

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1 hour ago, Fresh Prince said:

Don’t really care for a Hawkeye series but I love Hailee so I’ll watch

She was such a great get for this.

The awesome thing is going forward she's gonna be in a bunch of stuff, character and her are a lot of fun.
Will be way more excited when "Hawkeye" is in something now.

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