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Week 2: Lions on MNF

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1 minute ago, minnypackerfan said:

Can someone explain for me....what exactly is Joe Barry bringing to the table???  This defense reminds me of the 1970's and 1980's.  We could not stop the run and we could not pressure the quarterback.  He is running about the most basic plain defense.  Does not attempt to confuse the quarterback with anything pre-snap.  No unusual blitz schemes.  This guy might need to get fired after this game.

The players have to be wondering...are we REALLY THIS BAD?  They were average last year...how do you go from being average to being the worst defense in one off season.  


You can't lineup and give the offense the blueprint you just can't. Its infuriating. Like if we get beat we get beat but you gotta try to keep them on their toes 

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1 minute ago, Green19 said:

They will still likely win the north. But they are likely the fourth seed and unless they pull and bucs and gel at the right time... they will have an early exit in the playoffs. And all the future money they spent to keep this group will be for not.

Theres a good possibility they start 0-4, winning the North may be tough after that.

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7 minutes ago, Dubz41 said:

Holy ****. Two 13-3 seasons in a row and he's failed? Stupid post.

It's fair to say he failed this offseason. Well, him and LaFleur. They clearly believed that changing coordinators was what this defense needed since they made next to no impact changes on that side of the ball personnel wise. Considering how poor this DL has been for a few years now, it's hard to believe Gute's only solution on that front was to spend a 5th round pick there

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