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Week 2: Lions on MNF

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Just now, Zycho32 said:

At the very least, this game lets us know that our floor isn't as low as we feared.

That and even if the Lions are creampuffs, every little bit of confidence boosting helps.

As long as they have a QB like Rodgers, they aren't gonna bottom out as some truly terrible team. Even in 2017/2018 they were mostly average and those teams were less talented than this one IMO

The issue is that, with a QB like Rodgers, it's SB or bust, and nothing this defense has put on film these first 2 games screams SB threat. It's early of course but DL issues are very real and will need help from outside via FA or trade IMO

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5 minutes ago, Norm said:

If he only did it all the time. It's like when he uses it, he's a genius. When he ignores it, you will only suck him off still. We all all want him to do it dip****

Suck him off because I don’t lose my **** after one bad game on a guy who’s tore of the league for the better part of 15 years? 

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