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The Good, the Bad, the undefeated Raiders baby!!! Post-game chat week one.

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  • Starting off 1-0 vs. an elite opponent (injuries or not)
  • Maxx Crosby looked great
  • Defensive line in general was nice to see
  • Our D caused turnovers (!?)
  • Waller for the most part
  • Carlson's massively clutch tying FG
  • Seeing Vegas PUMPED for Raider football
  • Our D made adjustments for the first time in a looooong time
  • AJ Cole was killing the punt tonight
  • I thought Drake was effective. We need to get him sprinkled in more consistently 


  • Killer instinct
  • Forcing passes to Waller
  • Injury to McCoy
  • Carr forcing passes in general


  • Mark Davis
  • Penalties
  • James' botched snap
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I was a big Bradley guy when he got hired and even im impressed by the defense this early on. Defense took a hit when Yannick went out cause the pressure just wasn't there from the other side. Hope hes good to go, but Crosby is a bad man. double digits sacks this year if he stays healthy 

2H Carr was awesome! Drake had some huge blocks in pass protection and finally allowing Bryan Edwards to make plays. He has to get targets going forward. 

Abram making that big play on 2nd down to knock the ball out.

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I’ll have analysis later cause I work in an hour, but damn, what a crazy ending. One of the craziest and most intense endings I’ve ever been apart of. 

Defense finally looks like it may be solid. Yannick/Maxx is a duo of terror. Props to Bradley!!! Against a trash Steeler Offense next week I’m excited. 

In the prediction thread I had us going 9-8 with no playoffs, while starting 4-1 and a loss to the Ravens. Maybe start 5-0 now???? 10-7/11-6 wildcard team? Let’s do this baby! Amazing how one game can make you believe again. 

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Also I’ll give Carr props, he was beyond awful the first half and even part of the 3rd, just missing throw after throw after throw, but he stuck in there and ran/operated a great game. He also made some amazing throws and clutch throws. When they mattered, he made them. 

Maybe Edwards can build off this momentum as well. He came to life outta no where. 

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-SUPRISE!!!!! when you get a defensive coordinator that has a track record of developing players and a simpler Defense that the young players can understand and actually make sense the defense actually plays well

-Real surprise the offensive Line did really well pass blocking against One of the three most exotic blitzing teams in the entire league

-The receivers at the end of the game balled out

-The team was very resilient in terms of bouncing back from all of the mishaps throughout the game along with the penalties that should’ve been called.

-let me say this: I’ve been pretty vocal about how I think Max Crosby is more of a complementary pass rusher. He sure as heck played like an Alpha pass rusher today

-Derek Carr bounce back and looked to be playing franchise quarterback football when it counted in the fourth quarter. 


-if this game was in 2020 it would’ve ended as 24 40 ravens because of how late the offense  started

-there was no reason why Drake should not have gotten the ball more

-all of the numerous drops throughout the game including the one that almost lost us the game

-Andre James looked like it was his first game in the NFL as a starter that had to go up against Calais Campbell all game. Lol


-I mentioned a few months ago and also a few days ago about how I expected the Raiders to win this game I just didn’t think it would be this close honestly. The one I’m more worried about is the Steelers game because they actually pass the football competently. that will be the real test for me to see if the Raiders have turned the corner imo

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