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The Good, the Bad, the undefeated Raiders baby!!! Post-game chat week one.

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Agree with a lot of you. In the past, that level of implosion would lead to an embarassing loss. It was great to see the team rally 14 down and finish. Exciting week 1 for the remade defense. 

Next test for this defense will be to put teams away when the team has a lead. 

As good as Carr was late in the game, we can't discount a shaky start. He was hearing footsteps, missing throws and locking on 1 target. Hopefully it was early jitters and not a sign he lacks confidence in his Oline which could rear it's ugly head again.


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19 hours ago, Jeremy408 said:

I mean think about it after that fluke play where Willie Snead doesn't catch the ball and he gets picked off, how many times have we all rolled our eyes and knew at that point that the other team was going to win automatically? 

Now when was the last time the Defense one us a game with a turnover let alone in OT? 

I agree with you it was definitely a sight for sore eyes

Or when was the last time our offense capitalized off a defensive turnover? 

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