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Week 2 GDT - Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers


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Finally got around to rewatching:

1st play of the game #97 on the eagles correctly times Jimmy's cadence and moves right before Mack snaps the ball. He was offsides and Mack wanted the flag. There was a nice hole and this probably would have been a solid 5 yard gain. Instead we are behind schedule. They had JG timed up all game. There were numerous times their DL got a better jump than our OL. This is a massive disadvantage to the offense and having it happen multiple times a game is pretty inexcusable in my eyes. I cant type this without remembering how the guy had three passes batted down by chris jones in one quarter during the SB. It shows a lack of awareness. He did use a hard count, but he needed to do it more frequently. 

Second play of the game is the screen that was WIDE OPEN to juice. JG threw it low and behind him. Juice turned awkwardly prior to the ball being thrown, so its both of their faults. Should have been a better ball, Juice should have been able to catch it if he wasnt all twisted around. GOTTA have that one. Second year in a row we missed a big juice catch that was schemed up perfectly against the eagles. 

3rd and 14 was an in route to deebo about 7 yards down field towards a few blockers. Not a bad play design and you are betting that he can find a crease and get the required yardage. It was too early to do this though. I would have rather called this play when we were on their side of the field and wanted to ensure we had a chance to pick up additional yardage for a FG while also giving ourselves a puncher's chance of picking it up. I would also want teams to be thinking we are going to throw it short when we are around their 30-40 so that it can open up the endzones in future games. 

I said before the game that I thought we would win on the outside/the edge on offense because that is where the eagles were susceptible. I thought we would be able to get some blockers out on the edge in space and then be able to get a seal or two and let our playmakers do their thing. For whatever inexplicable reason, we just kept running Mitchell up the middle into a brick wall. Felt like we were getting no where with it. later in the game we started to run the ball to the edge and what do you know? we actually started to have success rushing the ball. Very frustrating, especially late in the game when we had so much success to the outside and then we went back to slamming our head against the wall. 

Aiyuk ran a super clean route against zone coverage and found a massive hole 18ish yards past the LOS and JG threw it too high. McGlinchy got beat by sweat to the outside but the rest of the line was stonewalling the DL. JG needed to step up and buy himself that extra second to set his feet and make an accurate throw. He really need to feel the pressure considering it wasnt on his blind side. This is the difference between a 20 yard, confidence boosting, much needed big play for Aiyuk that instead was way to freaking high that was impossible to catch. That cant happen. 

In the second quarter, we punted on the eagles 38 yard line. That is a very unfortunate place to punt but I understand being a 3-0 game why we punted, but it would have been nice to get into a 4th and 3 or less situation so that we could go for it. 4th and 7 was too far at that point in the game. We had 2nd and 25 and we ran that same play we ran against DET where deebo runs a nice 20 yard in and there is a huge window for JG to hit him. So now its 3rd and 8. The third down play, we had JG in the shotgun with a RB to either side. deebo on the left and hasty on the right. Kittle is in a 3pt stance to the left. We ran an option run play where JG put the ball in deebos chest while trying to read the play to see if he should pull it for a quick shovel pass up the middle. JG read it wrong/deebo took the ball and the exchange was super awkward. It slowed deebo down and then he wasnt able to shake the one defender we were supposed to be optioning. Kittle was open with blockers and space and the ball should have gone to him. I cant help but feel like this is a play we want(ed) to run with Lance but for whatever reason we didnt want to insert him there. Seems pretty clear that JG isnt comfortable running those types of plays because Kittle needed to get the ball. If he does, we may get the first down but at least we can go for it or potentially kick. 

The second half was what I was expecting from the jump. Outside stretch plays, jet sweep motions with a lot of play action. Not sure why it wasnt on the menu until halftime. This was not the best version of Kyle we have gotten. A lot of people said it here live but there was a kittle "fumble" that he needed to challenge because it would have turned a 3rd and 6 into a 3rd and 2. We didnt convert and had to punt. No reason to keep the challenge flag in the pocket since it was an obvious win. 

(I have more to say but its bedtime lol)

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