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Week 2 GDT: Titans (0-1) @ Seahawks (1-0) - do we suck again???


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Hopefully last game was a wake up call and we don’t fall into the hole like the browns did that year eveybody thought they were playoff contenders and we went there and embarrassed them. 

I expect Julio to bounce back after a terrible and I expect AJ to put on a show just because he’ll want better numbers then DK. 

I’m scared for our defense tho, we had trouble guarding DHop/Kirk and now DK/Lockett hit the field. Russ doesn’t have the explosion of Murray but he’s mobile and can escape the pocket with the best of them.

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AZ has a talented receiver core as Seattle does.  Seattle has a more experienced QB but not even close to as electric. Remember how did we get a turnover, rush 2 drop in coverage and not give lanes for the QB to run. Against AZ we committed too much to the rush and not contain so Murray could scramble and eventually find a open guy as our coverage broke down. 

 Seattle though has better OL and RB.   What might help us though is Seattle has a more basic offense. We should be able to get better pressure and force throws. But Seattle will run the ball better.   If we don't fall behind as quickly as we did then things could go better for us on offense.   I know I was talking before the game how we needed to come out with a quick passing game to get the offense started moving the chains.  That would open up Henry and the big play offense and slow down the rush.  WE have done that a number of times but were too complacent I think against AZ giving them zero respect.  We will not have that same attitude against SEATTLE>.. Hopefully we do a fair job covering WR down the field, and if we can contain the running game on 1st down and not give up 3rd long our D could do a better job.  Personally I don't think Seattle also has as good a front 7 as AZ so that might make things easier when we have the ball.   Seattle is the better team but our D matches up with Seattle better.   

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Yeah the team has bounced back well from losses more often than not, really going back to 2016, but especially the bad losses.

Losing this game wouldn't dictate that the season is over per se, but if we lose it I'll be as concerned as most were after what we just went through Sunday. I can put Sunday away as just a garbage performance if it's a one off. Pretty much every team in the league, regardless of how good they are, has at least one or two of those a year. Fail to bounce back here though? eh....

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Hoping we can turn it around this week and win but man this is going to be a tough one. I think even if we play really well this may be a hard one to win. Seattle is back home for the first time with fans in a season. Eek. That stadium and energy is going to be pumping.

After taking a step back and breathing after week one, I really want to stay positive and really just realize that the problems could be due to a few things, lack of first team reps, guys coming off injuries,  and new faces in so many new roles. I think we have to be a little patient in letting things glue together, this team has a lot of new faces, especially on defense.

No doubt I am still worried, but we ran into a buzz saw that is the magician in Kyler Murray, and what looks to be a defense with a chip on its shoulder. I think the boys may have been a little high on themselves also and just got punched in the mouth.

Boy this one would be a good one to get though. Looking at our schedule, it is going to be tough sledding this year. After this week, we got Colts, Jets, Jaguars. Then Buffalo and Kansas City. Would be nice to get on a 4 game roll heading into that Buffalo game. We gotta win the ones we are supposed win this year. Because damn, our outta division schedule is TOUGH.

Come on boys! Respond!

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