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TNF: NYG @ WSH Thread

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Just now, agarcia34 said:

Giants really deserve to lose this game for a number of reasons. 

They shouldn't have even had to attempt a FG to win if you go back to the Joines TD that was taken away by a false call.

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9 hours ago, MWil23 said:

Usually I'm just desperate enough for weekend football that I'll tune in for the first half to scratch the itch. This week I'm not even remotely tempted to do so.

I hope you tuned in. That was a great game. 

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Just now, y*so*blu said:

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. But what can I say, we do that a lot.

Congratulations to WFT fans on breaking the streak.

This seriously can be said for both teams. I have a feeling if NYG had the ball last and needing the FG we'd have done the same thing and given you that GWFG

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