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Anthony Richardson is the best pro QB prospect in college football right now regardless of class...

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Anthony Richardson played well have to give him credit, but a lot of the pressure was off him because they were getting beat so bad he could just go in and try to get something going which he did.  I must say that LSU defense is clearly awful, BJ Ojulari is a talented pass rusher granted but they were missing Ali Gaye on one edge, Andre Anthony on the other than the two starting CBs in Stingley and Ricks and the starting safeties are not that good anyway much less the backup corners are nothing great either.  And the LB play is just ok and nothing great, have some decent DL guys but no standouts at all.

So what Richardson did was against a terrible and injured LSU defense.


Granted he did look like a big time athlete for sure and threw with good velocity and force.  Was very productive but again that D was not exactly playing that well or at full force.  Will see if he can keep it up though, but sure he should be the starter from now on. Emory bought him some time with that Bama performance but fact is if the team is not going anywhere in terms of a championship or playoff appearance might as well play the young guy.  


What is more disappointing is that Florida did not have any major injuries on defense and they got absolutely destroyed by that LSU run offense, giving up almost 300 yards to one back, that was pretty nuts.  They were terrible as well for having most if not all the starters in there unlike LSU.


Richardson is a big strong dude but honestly how many successful QBs fit that build physically.  Not many at all, and take DJ Uiagalelei, looked like he could do nothing wrong when he got into games last year for Clemson.  Now this year with all the pressure on him and less around him he looks totally different as a player and has struggled.  Not to even mention Spencer Rattler who was projected as the #1 pick now might be transferring and not even entering the draft, so time can change a lot of things.   Granted Florida lost a ton offensively from last year so not like Richardson is playing with a full deck either.  But Caleb Williams looked great the last few weeks, anyone saying he is a future #1 pick?  No because he has not played enough, and ditto for Anthony Richardson.  Promising athlete no question about it but might need to hold off on the best in the nation commentary.  


Mullen did say before the game, if he loses maybe he will be on the hot seat and that is pretty nuts.  LSU has multiple season ending injuries, just came off a big loss and Ed was going to be out, then one game later now calling for Mullen?  Not sure that happens with them making the SEC title last year and almost beating an amazing Bama team.  Sure this is a down year but no way Mullen is fired and if so that could be a huge mistake, because who exactly would be better? 



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