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New Forum needs a new introduction thread for new members or for us old members to reintroduce ourselves.  I know things have changed a bit for me since the last time I filled one of these out.  

Copy & Paste and post.

First Name:





Favorite Pastimes:

Favorite Movies/Shows:

Favorite Current/Past Steeler:

Goals in life:


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First Name: Doug

Age: 42

Location: Midway, PA 

Job(s): U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant (Retired), High School wrestling coach, currently working at the Meadows casino 

College/Degree:  Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ / Aeronautics.

Favorite Pastimes:  Traveling the world for work, living near the beach, playing/watching sports, working out, spending time with my family.  

Favorite Movies/Shows:  Friday Night Lights, Hoosiers, Game of Thrones, Entourage

Favorite Current/Past Steelers:   Le'veon Bell / Rod Woodson 

Goals in life:  Continue enjoying living back home and coaching the kids in the community as long as I can. 

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Hello.   I am new here.   I look forward to getting to know all of you.

First Name:  Jace

Age:  34

Location:  Altoona, PA

Job(s):  Network Administrator.    Prior service Navy (4yrs) and National Guard (3 yrs).

College/Degree:   Associates in Information Systems, Bachelors in Security Risk and Analysis. finishing up MBA

Favorite Pastimes:   Typical guy stuff, for the most part.

Favorite Movies/Shows:   Usually something funny or action oriented....with an occasional thought provoking movie.

Favorite Current/Past Steeler:    Antonio Brown (current) and Troy Polamalu (past).

Goals in life:   Finish my MBA and have a long and successful career.   

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First Name: Aaron

Age:  27

Location: Central Missouri

Job(s): High school history teacher

College/Degree: BS in education

Favorite Pastimes: Beta Testing the new footballsfuture

Favorite Movies/Shows: Movies:The Big Lebowski, Tombstone, The Shawshank Redemption. Shows: Mad Men, Scrubs, HIMYM, M*A*S*H, GoT, Seinfeld. So, so, so many more of both.

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: I don't really have a current favorite. Past favorite is either Lamarr Woodley or Jason Gildon.

Goals in life: Maybe take over the world.

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On 7/21/2017 at 7:56 AM, JDLefebvre said:

First Name: Steve

Age: 44

Location: Pennsylvania

College/Degree: Sport Management

Favorite Pastimes: Fantasy sports, sports simulation games

Favorite Movies/Shows: Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption: Seinfeld, 24, Lost

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Ben Roethlisberger: All time - Rod Woodson and Hines Ward




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On 7/21/2017 at 7:56 AM, JDLefebvre said:


First Name: Scott

Age: 44

Location: Va Beach, VA 

Job(s): Juvenile Corrections Supervisor

College/Degree: Old Dominion University (Go Monarchs!), Majored Psychology and later earned EMT Certification and occasionally work in Firehouses and ERs. 

Favorite Pastimes: Drinking (you said pastimes)

Favorite Movies/Shows: Movie: Forrest Gump, Show: Breaking Bad

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Current: Roethlisberger (Try living 20+ years with the likes of Bubby, Neil and Tommy and you'd see why), Past: Rod

Goals in life: Retire healthy



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Never did one of these on the old forum, so here goes:  

First Name:  Dan

Age: 46

Location: Denver, CO

Job(s):  Insurance Manager

College/Degree:  University of Maryland

Favorite Pastimes:  Family, Books, Movies, Steelers Football, Fitness

Favorite Movies/Shows:  Shawshank Redemption, Office Space, Breaking Bad

Favorite Current/Past Steeler:  Jack Lambert, of course.

Goals in life:  Raise my kids well, have a good marriage, learn a lot and create a life I'm happy with

                        Fun goal:  Go to Steelers Fantasy Camp with some of you folks


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I haven't posted in years so here goes...

First Name:  Kevin

Age: 36

Location: Wexford, PA

Job(s): Geo-Information Analyst 

College/Degree: Bowling Green State University / Mechanical Design

Favorite Pastimes: Going to Steeler games with my dad, working out, family trips, cars, beer, wine, occasional video game

Favorite Movies/Shows: Friday, Fight Club, Menace 2 Society / Dexter, Breaking Bad, Ballers

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Current: LeVeon & AB / Past: Troy, Bettis & Woodson

Goals in life:  Stay healthy and happy.  Teach my children valuable life lessons.

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First Name:  Leonard

Age:   53

Location:  Silver Spring, Maryland

Job(s):  General Support Assistant (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

College/Degree:  None (graduated from Albert Einstein High School on June 5, 1984)

Favorite Pastimes:  Rooting for the Steelers

Favorite Movies/Shows:  Movies - any science fiction monster movie; Shows - McHale's Navy reruns

Favorite Current/Past Steeler:  Current Steeler - Ben Roethlisberger; Past Steelerd - Jerome Bettis, Terry Bradshaw, John Stallworth, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris

Goals in life:  Be the best Steelers fan that I can be

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First Name: Jeremy

Age: 33

Location: Conneautville, Pa

Job(s): Machinist/CNC Programmer

College/Degree: none

Favorite Pastimes: being a wise @$$

Favorite Movies/Shows: Pulp Fiction, OITNB, Breaking Bad, I could go on forever.

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Current: Dupree. Past: J-Peezy

Goals in life: Raise my kids to be better than myself

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First Name: Greg

Age: 32

Location: Richmond Va

Job(s): Personal Coach at GOLFTEC

College/Degree: Undergrad - Geography PSU, Going for Masters - Environmental Infrastructure Engineering

Favorite Pastimes: Playing golf, playing with my dog, watching movies

Favorite Movies/Shows:  Anything MCU, Agents of SHIELD, Gilmore Girls (Don't laugh, I'm from Connecticut, reminds me of home)

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Antonio Brown/Aaron Smith

Goals in life: Own my own golf academy and high end club fitting experience.

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First Name: Mike (duh...)

Age: 40

Location: Rust Belt Ohio

Job(s): Firefighter Paramedic

College/Degree: Finance/Accounting at University of Cincinnati

Favorite Pastimes: Finance, Poker, Fishing, Movies, Kids' sports

Favorite Movies/Shows: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Unforgiven, No Country for Old Men

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Casey Hampton, Rocky Bleier, James Harrison

Goals in life: To move to a rural area and catch a ginormous catfish

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First Name: Michael

Age: 55

Location: Taiwan

Job(s): Attorney

College/Degree: History / Law / International Affairs / Asian Studies

Favorite Pastimes: Travel / Hiking + Climbing / Watching football / Boozing / Listening to music / Cooking

Favorite Movies/Shows: N/A

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: James Harrison / Mel Blount

Goals in life: Retire back in Pittsburgh, have a garden, follow our son around (he's trying to get into the Navy, and if he does, will likely be assigned to the 7th Fleet), enjoy the rest of life...

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First Name: Will

Age: 28

Location: Columbus, OH

Job(s): Program Coordinator, High School Football Coach

College/Degree: Currently at Clark State

Favorite Pastimes: backyard football, any beer drinking game

Favorite Movies/Shows: Game of Thrones

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: AB (Current), Heath (Past)

Goals in life: Graduate with a masters degree from Ohio State, make a living coaching football

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