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16 minutes ago, PghCrew said:

First Name: Will

Age: 28

Location: Columbus, OH

Job(s): Program Coordinator, High School Football Coach

College/Degree: Currently at Clark State

Favorite Pastimes: backyard football, any beer drinking game

Favorite Movies/Shows: Game of Thrones

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: AB (Current), Heath (Past)

Goals in life: Graduate with a masters degree from Ohio State, make a living coaching football

Welcome brother.

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It seems I only come here after the regular season through the draft. Definitely not a regular. Still tryng to figure out the new forum setup.

First Name: CJ

Age: 55

Location:  Oregon

Job(s): Tech Writer

College/Degree: UH Manoa, Communication

Favorite Pastimes: Football, Computer Games, Running

Favorite Movies/Shows: 

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Shazier (hope he plays again) / Polamalu, Miller, Ward in recent years -- Bradshaw, Greene, Lambert from the 70s

Goals in life: Run a marathon in all 50 states, make it safely to retirement, enjoy life and family along the way.

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Added commentary about info.

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Eh, why not

First Name: Nate

Age: 26

Location: Ohio

Job(s): Truck Driver, 8yr Army and National Guard vet

College/Degree: none 

Favorite Pastimes: Drag racing and pretty much anything else with cars

Favorite Movies/Shows: Californication, Breaking Bad, That 70’s Show, Spartacus, Dexter and a lot more

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Antonio Brown and I really miss watching Troy Polamalu play

Goals in life: Buy or build a house and shop

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My name is Money and I have no money

Age: 28

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Job(s): Retired Dishwasher 

College/Degree: Kelley School of Business, Indiana University - Bloomington (Finance, Entrepreneurship)

Favorite Pastimes: Washing dishes, sleeping in car or on floor, car accidents, and reconstructive surgery

Favorite Movies/Shows: Black Mirror, Stranger Things, House of Cards (last three); Gladiator

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Rod Woodson, Troy Polamalu, AB, Ryan Shazier

Goals in life: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Right Now: A few oil changes aka surgery, CPA requirements, and Law School

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First Name:  Anthony

Age: 47

Location: Papamoa, New Zealand

Job(s): Operate Ship Cranes

College/Degree:  BA Screen & Media Studies.  University of Waikato

Favorite Pastimes:  Sleeping, walking the dog, rugby league

Favorite Movies/Shows:  Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Wonder Years and any Kubrick movie.

Favorite Current/Past Steeler:  Greg Lloyd

Goals in life:  Keep breathing

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