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i never actually did this despite being around here for a bit but i plan on being more active in the steelers subforum from now on this season if i can so i’d better properly introduce

name’s james

i’m 20

i live about an hour and a half west of sydney in the blue mountains 

currently working as a law clerk (essentially admin) down at a local law firm

studying law and economics at the university of sydney

favourite pastimes would be keeping fit, i play so many sports and train regularly, plus eating as many crazy and obscure foods as possible with my girlfriend, cooking, karaoke, also travelling which i don’t do enough currently (makes sense as a student)

favourite shows would be twin peaks, fargo, the blacklist, seinfeld, jeopardy!

favourite movies would be inglorious basterds, fargo, face off, forrest gump and any given sunday

favourite steeler is ben, haven’t been around long enough to have a favourite past steeler 😂

my goals for life are currently to have a career in law representing people against institutions and the powerful bodies that take advantage of em, before launching a career in to federal politics with the labor party 

can’t wait for this season here we go steelers!

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On 7/21/2017 at 7:56 AM, JDLefebvre said:

New Forum needs a new introduction thread for new members or for us old members to reintroduce ourselves.  I know things have changed a bit for me since the last time I filled one of these out.  

Copy & Paste and post.

First Name: Chuck

Age: 39

Location: Morgantown WV

Job(s): unemploymed

College/Degree: Residential Electrician certification/Osha 10 certification

Favorite Pastimes: Listen to music, playing Madden 08 on Xbox, reading, walking and hanging out with friends and family

Favorite Movies/Shows: The Mandalorian, Star Wars the clone wars, Big Bang Theory, Ghostbusters, An American Werewolf in London, The Thing, The last Jedi, The Terminator, RoboCop, Temple of Doom, Batman begins, Superman 1 & 2 , Man of Steel, Captain America civil war, Infinity war, end game, Dr Strange, Black Panther, Aquaman, Wonder woman , Captain Marvel, Thor Ragnarok, Ant-Man, Daredevil, Spiderman Far from home, Venom and National Lampoon's vacation

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Stefon Tuitt/Jerome Bettis

Goals in life: to become a journeyman electrician 



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On 7/21/2017 at 6:56 AM, JDLefebvre said:

New Forum needs a new introduction thread for new members or for us old members to reintroduce ourselves.  I know things have changed a bit for me since the last time I filled one of these out.  

Copy & Paste and post.

First Name: Lane

Age: 29

Location: North Dakota 

Job(s): concrete finisher

College/Degree: N/A

Favorite Pastimes: spending time with my dog, working out, rock/metal concerts, reading, YouTube rabbit hole

Favorite Movies/Shows: Genres: Comedy, horror, thriller, action

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Ben/Bettis

Goals in life: own a concrete company and finishing my gym


I’ve been here for a while, figured I’d fill this out.

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First Name: Adam

Age: 41

Location: Gaithersburg, MD - it’s 25 miles north of DC

Job(s): Lobbyist for a Labor Union

College/Degree: I have my BS in BS, no jk, well I do have a bachelor of science (BS) in Government. I went to WVU for 2 years but transferred to be closer to my GF and graduated from Towson University, it’s about 15-20 miles north of Baltimore in Baltimore County.

Favorite Pastimes: Sports, Cars & fast women! Haha 🤣 

Favorite Movies/Shows: The Neighborhood, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, anything history, anything action or comedy.

Favorite Current/Past Steeler: TJ Watt/Jack Lambert.

My dad went to Kent State when Nick Saban and Lambert were there but they were older than him by a year or 2. My dad said Lambert used to sit by himself at lunch, he was super skinny and just looked mad and mean all the time.

Goals in life: To grow up some day! Not there yet, hopefully I get there though!

So, I just want to talk about my Steelers fandom which some of you may know already as I’ve been on and off this forum for the last 12-13 years.

My parents were born and are from Bellaire, OH, it’s a small town on the Ohio River right across from Wheeling, WV. So, my dad was a coal miner in the 70s, they went on strike for 111 days in 1978 and he applied for a job at the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) Headquarters in Washington, DC. He got a job there and at the same time my mom had just gotten pregnant with me. So, they moved to Maryland near where she had family that lived in Rockville, MD bc my great-uncle’s father-in-law had also worked at the headquarters for the UMWA.

Needless to say, I was born a Steelers fan. My parents lived only 45 minutes from Pittsburgh but in Ohio during the greatest decade of the Steelers organization, the 70s.

As you all know, I’m also a Redskins fan. I became a Redskins fan in kindergarten bc all of my friends were Redskins fans and at that time the Redskins were good to great and the Steelers were mostly average in the mid 80s until Cowher was hired in the early 90s, so I like both teams.

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On 6/12/2020 at 6:17 PM, MOSteelers56 said:

Welcome(sort of) @turtle28

Your job seems interesting. I have a lot of thoughts on lobbying and Unions, not the time or place, though. I'm a teacher deep in the heart of a non-union state. 

You can always PM me.

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I forgot to mention, I did graduate from college in Raven Country when they won their first Super Bowl & Jamal Lewis was their running back. I saw him at the mall once signing autographs.

Funny story: I was wearing my Washington Redskins Lavar Arrington Jersey from 2000. And Poe - the Ravens mascot - saw me in the food court of the mall and started to fake fight me! Haha 🤣 

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