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15 minutes ago, SkippyX said:

Any scuttlebutt on the Dolphins personal issues?

Fuller signed a contract for the new 17-game season, but he was already suspended for Game 1. Now he's missing Game 2, which really is like he's only missing one game when you think about it because he should still play 15 games. And since we already knew he was suspended for one game, it cancels out. 

Math hurts though. 

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The last competitive Rams/Colts game was 1995. Since then the Rams have blown the Colts out three times and the Colts have blown the Rams out twice.

The highlights include the GSOT taking it to Peyton in 2001, Manning/Harrison breaking the TD record against us on MNF, McVays first game, and a record breaking performance in 2013 from...............Tavon Austin.

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Cowboys/Chargers, Titans/Seahawks, and Chiefs/Ravens are the games I'm interested in other than 49ers/Eagles.

BTW, unless I'm mistaken the Chiefs haven't lost to Baltimore since 2012. Mahomes is gunning towards 4-0 against the Ravens. If the Ravens start 0-2 in that division there might be panic in the streets. 

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