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Just now, TitanSlim said:

Man, run Henry for the 2. That Seahawks D was gassed.

Agreed. I'm going for two there every single time

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I've proposed a tweaked version of my 100% geographical realignment:

E: Buffalo, New England, NY Jets, Pittsburgh
N: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Kansas City
S: Carolina, Jacksonville, Miami, Tennessee
W: Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, LA Chargers

E: Baltimore, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington:
N: Same
S: Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa Bay
W: Same

It would put both Baltimore and Pittsburgh in East Divisions, albeit separate ones.

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Vrabel got burned by going for 2 a few years back. Lost the game and narrowly missed the playoffs. I suppose it made him a little more cautious. That year he was carrying his balls around in a wheelbarrow. I was hoping he would kick the extra point personally.

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4 minutes ago, FrantikRam said:

They called timeout to give Russell Wilson 10 extra seconds. There is no way Seattle won't win this in regulation and it's Vrables fault

Hot take.

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