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GDT 9/19/21 Week 2: 0-1 Baltimore Ravens vs 1-0 Kansas City Chiefs


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What I want to see from this game is how the IOL holds up along with whether Mekari can display reliability at RT. I’m not expecting All Pro ability, but if he can simply play at an average to possibly above average level, then this offense could be dangerous once it gets back guys like Stanley and Bateman… along with getting the new RBs all up to speed.

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25 minutes ago, AFlaccoSeagulls said:

It's a long season and we have a favorable stretch of games after this one, so starting 0-2 isn't the biggest deal in the world.

If our running game can get back even close to our typical Lamar era efficency levels, and Roman/Martin/Williams can rework a passing game that compensates for our sh*t Tackle play, all while Lamar plays his best football with Bateman returning as the force we thought he could be- then we have a chance to still do some damage. That's a longshot though, and if we keep losing CBs the season is definitely cursed/shot.

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lets get the inevitable smackdown out of the way. Ravens do best as underdogs anyway, starting 0-2 and having everybody and their mother call them out as frauds will maybe spark what could be a nice cinderella story. not talking SB run but maybe a nice divisional record once the O is actually fielding a unit resembling the starting 11 that was should have been.

get healthy and get rid of Roman for 2022, campaign starts today.


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