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Eagles sign DE Josh Sweat to 3 year/40 million extension


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Just like Mailata we are expecting for a big breakout from him. He’s got better every year and has been more limited snaps wise cause of his knee supposedly, but he says the knee isn’t a problem any more, so hopefully we see him get more snaps, especially now with him extended.

Now that Mailata and Sweat are locked up the only guy next offseason that I think we needed to still sign is Dallas Goedert.

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Howie Roseman has done a lot of poor drafting, but 2018 was a gem, especially when you consider the lack of draft capital.

In 2018 we were coming off winning a SB and we didn’t have a second round pick, cause that was the last pick in the trade up for Wentz. Then, Howie traded out of 32 with Baltimore (Lamar Jackson). He took Dallas Goedert with that pick and Miles Sanders with the 2019 2nd that came in the deal.

Our next picks after Dallas Goedert at 49th were Avonte Maddox and Josh Sweat at 125 and 130 respectively in the 4th round. Both guys are starters this year and Sweat just got a nice extension.

The only two other picks were Matt Pryor at the end of the 6th and Jordan Mailata in the 7th. Pryor was finally cut this offseason, but he’s the only one of the 5 players not only still on the roster but also the only one who isn’t a significant contributor. Obviously Mailata just got paid and we expect him to be a LT in the top half of the league.

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59 minutes ago, TheRealMcCoy said:

The only two other picks were Matt Pryor at the end of the 6th and Jordan Mailata in the 7th. Pryor was finally cut this offseason

Technically we Traded Pryor to the Colts for a 2022 7th. Just for story purposes. 😎

Let's hope these early extension are for breakout players coming to fruition.

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Fun Fact #1 - the draft pick used to select Dallas Goedert was originally the Seahawks pick. Traded to the Jets for Sheldon Richardson, then traded from the Jets to the Colts in the Sam Darnold/Quentin Nelson trade. Then on draft day the Eagles traded the original Raven’s 2nd rounder to the Colts to move up ahead of Dallas for Dallas Goedert.

Fun Fact #2 - Matt Pryor didn’t get cut, the Colts traded a 6th rounder to the Eagles and he will likely be the Colts starting RT this week because Braden Smith suffered a foot injury 

@TheRealMcCoy not trying to upstage you just cleaning some stuff up 🤓

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