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BDL 2021 Week 2 - Antarctica Katabatic Beasts @ Berlin Blitzkrieg


Antarctica Katabatic Beasts @ Berlin Blitzkrieg  

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BDL 2021 Week 2

Match: Antarctica Katabatic Beasts @ Berlin Blitzkrieg

Away Owner: @Pickle Rick

Home Owner:  @Ragnarok

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Week 2

Offensive Starters:
QB - Lamar Jackson
RB1 - Saquon Barkley
WR1 - Stefon Diggs
WR2 - Antonio Brown 
WR3 (Slot1) - Chris Godwin
WR4 (Slot2) - Ceedee Lamb
LT - Rashawn Slater
LG - Brandon Brooks 
C - Ryan Kelly
RG - Trey Smith 
RT - Brandon Shell

Offensive Bench:
RB2 - Chase Edmonds 
RB3 - Mark Ingram
OT3 - Jesse Davis
C2/OG3 - Tyler Biadasz 
OG4 - Aaron Brooks
TE1 - Cole Kmet
WR5 - Van Jefferson 
WR6 - Tutu Atwell


Defensive Starters:
DT1 - DeForest Buckner
DT2 - Ndamukong Suh 
RDE - Frank Clark (Brandon Graham if FC is out)
LB1 (SLB) - Roquan Smith 
LB2 (MLB) - Demario Davis
LB3 (WLB) - Harold Landry
CB1 - Joe Haden
CB2 - Marshon Lattimore 
SS - Anthony Harris
FS - Nasir Adderley 

Defensive Bench:
CB3 (Nickle/Slot) - Steven Nelson
Dime CB4 - Charvarius Ward
LB4/CB5 - Hamsah Nasirildeeen 
DE3 - Brandon Graham
DE4 - Josh Sweat
DE5 - Jerry Huges
DE6 - Tarron Jackson 
DT3 - Jordan Elliot



Berlin Blitzkrieg

QB - Aaron Rodgers
RB - Aaron Jones
WR - Marquise Brown
WR - Christian Kirk
WR - Allen Robinson
LT - Kolton Miller
LG - Alex Cappa
C - Corey Linsley
RG - Royce Newman
RT - Tristan Wirfs

RB - Kenneth Gainwell
RB - Salvon Ahmed
WR - Kadarius Toney
WR - Brandon Aiyuk
TE - Hunter Henry
TE - Jordan Akins
IOL - James Daniels
IOL - Solomon Kindley

DE - Trey Hendrickson
DT - Quinnen Williams
DT - Derrick Brown
DE - D.J. Wonnum
LB - Tremaine Edmunds
CB - Kendall Fuller
CB - Rock Ya-Sin
NB - Byron Murphy
NB - Nik Needham
SS - Antoine Winfield
FS - Juan Thornhill

DE - Yetur Gross-Matos
DE - Lorenzo Carter
DT - Zach Sieler
DT - Kingsley Keke
DT - Khyiris Tonga
LB - Kyzir White
LB - Rashaan Evans
CB - Eric Stokes

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Motivation: Time to build wins and momentum

Personnel Changes: Brandon Shell starts a RT after his spectacular performance last week grading out as the 9th best OT by pff and had the 6th best pass block win rate on the week.  Nelson moves up the depth chart to take over for Okudah, Ward goes into the Dime CB position.

Offensive Formations: Spreading Berlin way way out with traditional shotgun formations, playing a lot of 4WR sets this week.  Will also be mixing in 3WR/TE and 5WR as well.  

Tempo: Playing a traditional tempo with lots of motion before the snap to help LJ see formations and reads. 

Playcalling Distribution: 40% pass, 40% run, 20% RPO

Run Scheme: our runs will focus on power running with a large amount of traps, counter traps, pulling sweeps, and pulling counter sweeps and read options.  These plays are going to focus on the outside/ends from Berlin, which we view as a weak point for them especially bc Lawrence broke his foot and is out.  We want to attack Lawrence's replacement a lot by trapping him, making him the read on the read options, and double teaming him with the TE to get to the second level. We are going to try and overwhelm Lawrence's replacement and force him to tap out. Barkely looked better so he will have a slightly heavier workload this week, so the RB duties will be split about 65/35 between SB and Chase Edmonds, with CE being a bigger part of the passing game and SB getting more of the runs.  

Audibles: RPO's will be our main check down play this week.  If LJ recognizes blitz pre-snap he will look to check into a RPO with the run option to the opposite side of the blitz and the pass option filling where the blitz is coming from.  

Passing: we are going to be playing a lot with 4 WR/RB sets this week to spread Berlin way out and let Godwin and Diggs work the middle of the field and give easy wide open targets to LJ.  We will look to utilize slants, posts, and crossing routes layered to exploit our advantage in the Berlin-DB matchups.  We have 4 star WR's so we will be looking for the advantagous matchups and target those a lot in the passing game.  Whoever is being covered by the weakest defender will be the main target for the passing game.  We want to take what Berlin is giving us and we will do that by heavily targeting the weakest defender.  Our RB's will be used 50/50 in helping chip/block anything that gets through and faking that and slipping out to be a check down outlet or running a number of wheel routes.  When we run the wheel routes we will clear out the one side of the field with crossing/slants moving everything to the opposite side of the field and Edmonds or Barkley will be the primary target on the wheel route to the freed up side.  Brown starting on the outside allows Godwin to shift to the slot.  We will look to take deep shots to Brown and Diggs with Godwin and Lamb manning the underneath/safety routes.  With playing a spread out style offense, it will also help create large running lanes for LJ to escape the pocket and gain big yards on broken plays.     

Playaction and RPO's: these are going to be thrown in a good bit to take advantage of the spread out field. 

First play of the game: 5 WR set.  Original play call is an All Go.  Based on the D setup and pre snap read, LJ will check 2 WRs to quick slants and 1 to a crossing route.  The other 2 are going deep.  Taking a shot on the first play of the game is happening here. 

Defense Base Formation: playing a base 4-3 defense this week with man tendencies. 
Playstyle: going with 4-3 as our base D this week as we feel Berlin is going to looking to switch up formations and we are more flexible out of the 4-3.  We will use a slightly higher percentage of man than zone whether in nickel, dime or 4-3.  We will look to disguise this by showing blitzes before the snap.  Playing more man and disguising the look will hopefully throw off Rodgers and take away all of the short/quick/underneath plays. He struggled last week to throw the ball and especially on deeper passes.   We want to force those and let our DB's make plays. 

Run defense.  We will be using our middle LB's to load up the box tight to the line on clear run plays.  Runs blitzes will be heavy on big formations and early downs.  We want to get penetration and blow up the plays before they get started.

Passing Defense: we think if we take away the quick/underneath/short passing game from Rodgers that we can win the game. So as much as we can, we will be showing blitz and fall back into man with bump and run coverage at the line on the outside and an underneath zone from the LB's when possible.  Our DB's are up to the task of sticking with the WR's and allowing our D-line to get pressure on the QB.  

Player rotation: we will have a healthy rotation of our dline to keep them fresh.  


e olokaa na manawa maikai






Overview - Spread them out to get LBs off the field, attack the CBs, run from shotgun.

4 WR - 65% - With only Ward and Nelson as their healthy CBs, we are going to spread out Antarctica, put Rodgers in shotgun, and attack.  There will be some standard runs from this set, typically stretches and counters, which will allow Jones to use his vision and hit the hole.  However, we will run more draws and screens to force their DL to stay honest, but we also trust our OL, especially on the edges, to give Rodgers time to read the field and dissect their secondary up and down the field.  We are going to have our WRs run every route and attack every blade of grass and let Rodgers do his thing.

5 WR - 20% - Robinson, Kirk, Aiyuk, MVS, and Hollywood.  They don’t have enough healthy DBs to have two deep safeties and cover everyone.  We will have one WR come in motion across the formation in a jet sweep motion so the defense has a run option they have to respect and to give Rodgers an idea of man or zone defense.  We will have another of the 5 WRs serve as a check down option for Rodgers.

3 WR - 10% - Henry comes in if we need a little more dirty work done to keep the chains moving.

2 TE - 5% - Akins comes in and provides another big body in short yardage and redzone situations.


Overview - Slow them down, take away the explosion plays, force Lamar to string together multiple completions.

Dime - We know they are going to run a lot of 4 WR sets.  We are going to play Kendall and Rock outside with Byron and Needham inside.  Thornhill will be lined up deep and Winfield will move around a bit, but typically be closer to the box at the snap.  We are going to run a number of defenses from this set that are designed to erase the big play, force Lamar to stay patient in the pocket, and keep eyes towards the backfield.  Especially with Quarters, Cover 6, and Cover 3, the deeper defenders will be close enough to break on the ball and get over to assist whoever Lamar tries to target.  We will have Byron come on the occasional nickel blitz to force Lamar to make a quicker decision.

Rams Quarters D - The two outside CBs and two safeties each take a deep quarter, the two nickels take the curl/flat area, and Tremaine takes the hook.  This will allow the deep defenders to convert their zone coverage into man coverage, as the offensive routes develop down the field. Once wide receivers threaten the quarter defender’s deep zone, they switch from zone to man and will follow the receiver for the duration of the play.

Cover 2 - A standard Cover-2, we will run this more on 3rd down to put more bodies closer to the LOS to come up and make a tackle short of the marker.

Cover 6 - A hybrid of Quarters and Cover 2 with half of the defense playing Cover 2 with one safety covering a deep half of the field, and the other side of the defense plays Cover 4, with the cornerback and the safety each taking a quarter.  The Quarters side of this defense will typically be to the wide side of the field.

Cover 3 - A Seattle style Cover 3, this will be used some on early downs to keep Winfield up near the LOS after the snap.  This will look somewhat similar to the Cover-6 in terms of how many guys are playing deep, but by switching up who is going where, we hope to confuse Lamar.

By using these zone coverages, we will keep the eyes of our defenders towards the backfield.  This will allow Tremaine and the other defenders in underneath zones to play the run before going to their zones.  We will rotate our defensive linemen with regularity to keep them fresh so that we can carry out this gameplan successfully through the 4th quarter.

Man Coverage - We will use some man coverage to keep Lamar honest, especially from the Quarters D and in Cover 2.  In Quarters defense, our two NBs would play man coverage their guys while everyone else would follow the same roles.  This would help limit quick passes to those slot WRs while protecting against the deep ball.  In Cover 2, we will run a more standard man coverage scheme with both safeties playing deep halves.

3 WR - Rashaan comes in for Needham, but our concepts are going to remain the same.

5 WR - We will use the same personnel as in Dime, but Winfield will play up closer to the LOS on the 3 or 4 WR side before dropping back into his zone.

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58 minutes ago, bcb1213 said:

Antarctica is trying to play heavy man with two healthy corners against four wide.  I'm just gonna stop there.. They'll score points too but Lamar isn't built to come from behind.  Berlin here 

My DB's and LB's will hold up just fine. Much better than Berlin's d line.  They won't stop us once lol.  

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1 minute ago, Scoundrel said:

How are you going to cover a 4 wide with two corners? Your safeties?

Seeing as we are playing slightly more man than zone means we will be playing almost as much zone as man.  And yes Nasirildeeen, safeties, and LB's will step in to help out the DB on man coverage.  Thankfully like I said we are playing only SLIGHTLY more man than zone, which means a considerable amount of zone as well. 

Meaning we will get a bunch of stops.  

They ain't stopping us once.  

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Without 2 active 2 CBs it will be a long day for Antartica. Saquon isn't the RB he was before his injury so Antartica is going to be virtually one dimensional against a stout dline. That defense of Antartica won't be able to stop Berlins passing attack. 

Relying on Lamar Jackson to consistently pass out of a 4 WR set against the Defense that is taking rhe field for Berlin is also a mistake imo. He isn't nearly good enough of a passer or a ball carrier for thst matter to take the risk of his legs being shoved through his shoulders. 

With the reality that Saquon had lost a significant step to his game after last years injury, the use of their solo TE (their backup would be Tim Tebow) is an after thought and the mediocrity of their RB depth, they are literally praying to God that Berlin doesn't blitz them at all. If Jackson doesn't have time to throw, it's going to be living hell for him all game. I anticipate their gameplan being pretty one-dimensional all season because their WRs is where the talent is and If they don't succeed there, they really don't stand a chance.

Berlin Blitzkreig wins 49-14

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