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BDL 2021 Week 2 - Singapore Sentinels @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos


Singapore Sentinels @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos  

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BDL 2021 Week 2

Match: Singapore Sentinels @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos

Away Owner: @SirA1

Home Owner:  @RuskieTitan

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Singapore Sentinels
QB: Tom Brady
WR1: Keenan Allen 
WR2: Darnell Mooney
WR3: Tyler Lockett
TE1: Darren Waller 
LT: Duane Brown
LG: Matt Feiler 
😄 Kendrick Green
RG: Wyatt Teller
RT: Jack Conklin
OW1: Laviska Shenault Jr. 
RB2: Kareem Hunt 
RB3: Myles Gaskin
RB4: Tony Jones Jr.
TE2: Donald Parham
WR4: Gabriel Davis
OL6:  Mike McGlinchey 
OL7: Andrus Peat

DE: Danielle Hunter
DT: Fletcher Cox 
DT: Aaron Donald 
DE: Justin Hollins
LEO: Hasson Reddick
MLB: Christian Kirksey
WLB: Deion Jones 
CB: Kyle Fuller 
CB: Jaycee Horn
S: John Johnson III 
S: Jordan Poyer
NCB: Jonathan Jones
CB4: Bryce Hall
DL3: Matt Ioannidis
DL4: Tyler Lancaster
DE3: Melvin Ingram III
DE4: Markus Golden
S3: Adrian Phillips





Ivory Coast

Offensive Starters
Ryan Tannehill
RB- Nick Chubb
WR- Terry McLaurin
WR- Robby Anderson
WR- Chase Claypool
TE- Noah Fant
LT- Trent Williams
LG- Damien Lewis
C- Jason Kelce
RG- Zack Martin
RT- Andrew Whitworth


Offensive Bench
RB- Ezekiel Elliott
RB- Jeremy McNichols
WR- A.J. Green
WR- Amon-Ra St. Brown
WR- Chester Rogers
TE- Albert Okwuegbunam
OL- Pat Elfein
OL- Josh Jones


Defensive Starters
DE- Khalil Mack
NT- Teair Tart
DT- Da'Ron Payne
DE- Myles Garrett
WLB- Devin White
MLB- Lavonte David
SCB- Patrick Peterson
CB- A.J. Terrell
CB- Greg Newsome II
S- Jimmie Ward
S- Devin McCourty


Defensive Bench
DE- Chase Young
DT- Christian Barmore
DT- Milton Williams
DT/DE- Charles Omenihu
LB- Patrick Queen
CB- Bradley Roby
CB- Trevon Diggs
S- Troy Apke

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Motivation - Revenge game against the team that ended our season last year..

Offensive Strategy
Formations:  3 WR (40%)/ 2 TE-Jumbo (35%)/ 2 RB (25%)

Our primary formation heading into the game will contain a single back, three receivers, and a tight end. Our secondary formation will be a Jumbo look with Mike McGlinchey in as an eligible tackle. This will allow us to get an extra blocker in to stifle the Rhinos pass rush and give TB12 time to hit his weapons. CEH and Hunt will see some plays in the same backfield along with Tony Jones Jr. to keep the RBs fresh.

Scheme:  Pass (50%) vs Run (50%)


Brady will have a trio of receivers to start the game - veterans Keenan Allen and Tyler Lockett along with sophomore Darnell Mooney. Shenault will get more reps this game and split evenly with Mooney. We don’t need to lock in on Darren Waller but he will be a hard task to cover for Ivory Coast's younger secondary if the put Diggs or Newsome on him.   

Allen and Mooney will be boundary receivers and Brady will look for a few back shoulder and post routes. Lockett out of the slot will focus on crossing routes using his speed to get separation. Waller should own the seam and intermediate areas. Shenault is a danger once he gets the ball in his hands and we will use him on dump offs and slants to get the ball out quick versus the ICBR pass rush.

Darren Waller will likely pull extra coverage this week. In 2TE sets we will split him outside to draw coverage away from our other weapons. If he is single covered then the matchup is in our favor.


CEH will get the start but we will use more 2 RB looks with all of the backs. Hunt and CEH will get the majority of the carries this week with Jones spelling them. We will use outside zone runs to stretch the Rhinos DL out and set up the pass for Brady with some play action. Gaskin will come in as the 3rd down back in the James White role for us.

OW Laviska Shenault Jr. gets a Jet Sweep sprinkled in to use his ability to break tackles and get tough yards to keep the chains moving. 

The versatility of our offensive weapons allows them to line up in multiple spots and give Brady a quick out to move the ball.  We are going to remain balanced as usual but want to grind out some time to keep the Rhinos off the field. We will also run out of the bunch formation to the weak side.

Defensive Strategy
Formations:  4-3 Under / 4-2-5 Nickel/ 4-1-6 Dime

Obviously in today’s BDL you spend more time in nickel versus 3 WR sets than a base defense but I wanted to show what the base would look like this week. Don’t consider this as a mismatch when ICBR comes out in a 3 WR set.

Run Defense
Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox clog the middle and get penetration  to collapse the pocket and not give Tannehill time to step up and make throws. Aaron Donald is known to be a monster and game wrecker by himself, since pairing him with Fletcher Cox, a beast in his own right, we have one of if not the best interior tandems in the league. Ioannidis and Tyler Lancaster keep the boys up front fresh.

ICBR has two outstanding RB’s in Chubb and Zeke. We have the LBs needed to fill the gaps and limit their ability to leverage first downs. Christian Kirksey will be a spy on the RB in both the run game and pass to limit their impact. We are going heavy runstopping at LB this week with Deion Jones to allow him to fill his B gap and be a spy on Tannehill when he scrambles. Reddick will come in versus heavy run sets if they decide to go that way. 

JOK will rotate in as well as he continues to build his BDL resume.

Pass Rush 
Justin Hollins performance earned him a starting spot alongside Danielle Hunter to bring pressure from our front for most of the game.. This should force Tannehill to throw into max coverage and not give his receivers time to develop their routes. The rotation off the bench in Ingram and Golden will make sure that our guys stay primed all day to keep that pressure on. We are going to run some twist stunts up the middle to confuse the Black Rhino’s OL
Reddick will be starring in the Leo role Bruce Irvin made famous. He will be an extra rusher off the edge and his ability to get pressure on the QB is well known.

Stopping Donald, Cox, Hunter, Hollins and Reddick will be a task this week for Ivory Coast.

Pass Defense
Formation - Cover 3 Zone/Cover 1 Man Hybrid
We will continue to use our Cover 3 Hybrid coverage designed to limit big plays to IC’s receivers. At the snap of the ball, both cornerbacks bail vertically while maintaining tight outside leverage on the wide receivers. With vision set inside on both the quarterback and the receivers, our corners can maintain proper depth, which allows them to play a combination of multiple routes within their zone responsibilities.

From this same pre-snap position, both cornerbacks can easily deploy the top-down man-coverage technique that is designed to look identical to their Cover 3 zone concept. The similar appearance of both man and zone alignments are designed to confuse Tannehill into making errant passes.

Kyle Fuller, Jaycee Horn and Jordan Poyer will be responsible for the deep-third zones with Poyer having the deep middle. Underneath, Jonathan Jones will cover the slot and John Johnson will play in a robber role to undercut routes from Fant and contain big runs from Chubb and Elliot. 

As stated, Christian Kirksey will be a Spy on the RB for routes in the flat and screens. Adrian Phillips is our Dime S this week and will cover Green or St. Brown if the Rhinos go 4 WR. McLaurin will get his catches but we are wanting to mainly limit the big play this week and keep things underneath.

Coverage Assignments:
·         Terry McLaurin / Kyle Fuller - CB 
·         Robbie Anderson / Jonathan Jones - CB
          Chase Claypool  / Jaycee Horn - CB 
·         Noah Fant / John Johnson III - S 
          Nick Chubb / Christian Kirksey - LB  





Ivory Coast

Motivation: Beat Singapore in Home opener. Give the fans what they want.

Primary Formation: 11 Personnel Single Back

We will primarily operate out of 11 personnel for this game. We will rely on our receiver depth and rotate the players to keep them fresh. Goal line situations, we’ll bring in Josh Jones as a 6th offensive lineman to help block, and Jeremy McNichols will serve in the FB role for the handful of plays if needed in short yardage. We plan to be balanced in the run and the pass, to avoid having the defense key off on any tendency.

Running Game Focus:

Nick Chubb is going to get the bulk of the carries again for this game, aiming for approximately a 75-25 split in touches between Chubb and Elliot. We’re spreading the field out a bit with our 11 personnel, and are going to rely on our offensive line to pave the way up front. Zack Martin returns to the lineup, and helps boost the overall strength of the trench. Jalen Mayfield will come on to provide another big body when we are in goal line and short yardage situations. We’re going to lean towards outside runs a bit more (55-45) to limit Donald’s impact as much as possible, and having our interior double him when possible. Majority of the formations will be single back.

Passing Game Focus:

We’re coming into the game with six receivers, and we expect that all will see the field at some point, with an obvious emphasis on our starters McLaurin, Anderson, and Claypool. We will have Claypool operating the slot primarily, with all three starters moving around. We’re going to have motion pre-snap on most plays. Depending on whether the defense is focused on taking away the outside or the middle, we’ll feed the slot / Fant down the middle or attack the corners and out routes. We’re going to keep the back in to block, so Zeke Elliott will get the passing down snaps and usually kept in as a blocker. We’ll throw a screen or two to try and keep the defense honest, as well as a couple of wheel routes, but overall relying on our perimeter players to beat their matchups. We’re going to have a few playaction shots, and usually have a deeper route to threaten, but our main focus on the passing game is to get the ball out and avoid having the Donald Cox tandem disrupting the passing game with time to get to Tannehill

X-Factor on Offense: Terry McLaurin:

We have a feeling that Terry is going to have a good week this week, and we like the confidence he’s displayed in practice to go out and win his matchups. We’ll get the ball into his hands on a few quick slants (no hook routes to allow the CB to sit on them!) and medium routes, along with a couple of deep shots. Expect no less than double digit targets to Terry for the game.


Defensive Formation: 4-2-5 Defense:

We prepare for Singapore to come out in 3 wide base, and prepare for it with a 4-2-5 look. We are not going to have our cornerbacks on assignment football for this game; man assignments will be passed off pre-snap. Patrick Peterson will be covering the slot. In our traditional 7 man front (against 2 receivers or fewer) we will have a 4-3 alignment, with Tart playing more of a NT role and Payne the 3 tech. Lavonte David would shift to SLB, and Patrick Queen would come in at middle linebacker. Peterson and Terrell will be the two corners, though if one struggles we’ll go to our depth. For dime coverage we’ll have White come out and bring in Bradley Roby as the dime back. Chase Young, though coming off the bench, is going to be rotating and splitting reps evenly with Myles Garrett and Khalil Mack, keeping the trio fresh. We’re also going to rotate our interior line constantly, keeping the big boys energized to collapse the pocket.

Against the Pass: 50 Cover-1 man under / 25 Cover-3 zone / 25 other:

About half the time we plan on playing a cover 1 shell with man coverage underneath. We’ll have the corners matched up in man, one of our safeties and a linebacker taking the primary TE and second TE / primary HB. The other linebacker will be alternating between providing blitzes up the middle for pressure in Brady’s face, or dropping into a middle zone to limit Waller across the middle, or bracket coverage with the safety on Waller. Our corners will be playing closer to the line, but limiting the jamming unless they go slant heavy. We want to play them close and tight, allowing our safety in coverage to assist anyone being beat deep, and disrupting the short passing game. Safety assignment for man or zone will be split 50-50 with McCourty and Ward. We’re going to throw some cover 3 zone as well, limiting this due to Brady’s ability to feast on zones, but utilizing it to throw additional blitzes from our linebackers at Brady. The remaining playcalls are situation (goal-line, Cover-2 man under for 3rd and long). For the linebacker blitzes we will be hitting the A and B gaps.

Against the Run:

Our interior line is going to be focused on penetration their gaps and providing pressure up the middle, so they’ll have to react to inside runs on the way in, and trust our linebackers to close to the ballcarrier. CEH isn’t a bad back, but our obvious emphasis will be on Brady, and getting him out of rhythm. We’ll be rotating the interior constantly, keeping the boys fresh and in attack mode, rather than trying to clog up the lanes or occupy blockers. Safety will sometimes have the running back in man coverage, so they’ll be closer to the line to provide support against the run as well.

X-Factor on Defense: Limit Waller:

Waller is skilled enough that he’s going to get some on Sunday. We want to limit how much damage he does get, and work hard to get any opportunities. We’ll have man coverage on him along with zones to take away the middle, and sometimes bracket man coverage with the linebacker and safety. We hope to wear him down with some bumps at the line of scrimmage, and frustrate him to take him out of the game as much as possible.

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On 9/19/2021 at 7:17 PM, Whicker said:

Underneath, Jonathan Jones will cover the slot and John Johnson will play in a robber role to undercut routes from Fant and contain big runs from Chubb and Elliot. 

Is there a robber usually available in a cover 3? Generally that strong safety is asked to cover the flat on the side of the field he's lined up on. If he's roaming around, there's a section of the field totally uncovered. @SirA1

Edited by Jlash
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1 hour ago, Jlash said:

Is there a robber usually available in a cover 3? Generally that strong safety is asked to cover the flat on the side of the field he's lined up on. If he's roaming around, there's a section of the field totally uncovered. @SirA1

JJ3 is on Fant but close enough to the line to make some stops in the run game.

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I like IC here. Matchup wise I think with the LB duo and safeties they have, IC is one of the few teams who won't be torn apart by a Brady short passing game to Waller. Lockett and Allen are obviously great receivers, but I think IC's pass-rush and CB group is decent enough to prevent Singapore from having their way. Tannehill has proven he can ride an effective running game and there's few better than Chubb at the moment, and this is only helped by a solid group of receiving options. Singapore's DL obviously has the 3 studs and they make life tough, I think IC can eek it out at home in the match of the week.

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