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Post Game Thoughts- Cardinals.

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The offensive line looked great. I was antipicating they would fall apart against Jones and Watt, but the coachs must have harped on them severely so they looked really good.

I was expecting Dantzler to look good this year, but apparently he looked terrible this offseason. He looked great this game. 

Osborn looks like a legit third speed option.

Vigil looked good on a couple of plays, but terrible on others. I think Barr is still better than him, but he will succeed him well next year. 

Special Teams--- Blah.

I don't blame Peterson for the first touchdown. Kyler made that happen with all that extra time, but I don't know how much accountability falls on his lap for the second one. 

I think the team gets blasted this week again, but they pull out a win when Seattle comes as they have been scratching to get that team at home.

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Should have signed Matt Prater. The final possession was set up for that relatively easy 37 yarder. 

The Cardinals offense is legit. It's very hard to deal with Murray. I thought they should have spied him better in the 1st half. Otherwise how do you stop some of the plays he made?

Peterson has looked good. Breeland has not.

Outside of a few things the offensive line really turned it around this week.

Cousins has played great most of the time.

It seems this team is cursed at the moment. Some of it is self inflicted. Some of it is bad luck. Some of it is bad calls. 


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I think the most disheartening aspect of the start to this season, is that for 3 years we’ve been asking/looking for Cousins to be that quarterback who steps up and delivers in crucial moments, and at the end of the game. And in back to back weeks, Cousins has done exactly that. Yet, we still are 0-2 instead of 2-0. 

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